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The three stars on the flag represent the three different land forms in Tennessee. Mountains in the east, highlands in the middle and lowlands in the west. On the flag these regions are bound together in an unbroken circle. The field is crimson with a blue background for the stars. The final blue...
How to Catch alot of Night CrawlersWhen looking for night crawlers most go out at night but it is best to go early morning after a light rain. In the early morning after a rain night crawlers stray from their burrows so you can just pick them right up. also after a rain you can look in the gutter...
Crossville and Cumberland County is a pro-business community dedicated the well-being of its commercial, industrial, and residential citizens. The success and happiness of every man, woman, and child of Crossville and Cumberland County is essential to the Crossville - Cumberland County Chamber of...
  REAL ESTATE AUCTIONS: THE BASICS & BENEFITSLooking for information about real estate auctions? Read this entry and search for others! Included in this entry: What is a Real Estate Auction?How will auction benefit me?Benefits to the Seller, Buyer, and Real Estate Agent/BrokerQ. What is a Real Es...
 Tennessee was formed in 1796 from North Carolina.  Our history is wide, varied and wonderfully interesting.  From pre-historic mound builders to modern day technology, Tennessee has it all. From Memphis blues & Elvis...Chickasaw State Park, Nashville the home of country music to the Great Smokey...
These days time is precious and quick, efficient service is a priceless commodity.  Simply put, people want reliable service and they want in in a hurry.   People in this market are wanting much faster results in the sale for their properties, whether they are residential, commercial, or any othe...

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