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100% Pure Liquid Shea Butter Liquishea - What Is It? We do not call this oil 'Shea Oil' because I want everyone to realize exactly what this is. This is NOT an inferior oil pressed from what is left over after the butter has been removed from the Shea Nut. 100% unrefined Shea Butter is used to make this product. Very high in unsaponifiables! Some of the Stearic Acid is removed from the butter to make the butter a liquid form. Therefore, Liquishea is the exact same thing as Shea Butter only in a liquid state. Those who use this product will use nothing else for hot oil treatments, massages, hair treatments, and direct application to the skin. Being liquid, this oil penetrates quickly without stretching the skin. And, as always, NO CHEMICALS, NO PRESERVATIVES, and NO FILLERS. 100% NATURAL!
Well in Oct 2006 I said I don't trust the court system,here in Michigan, and now I feel the same way about our City (Detroit) & State Goverment here in MI. How can I put my trust in a system like this ? A failed system,  A corrupted system, Raciest Judges, Judges that can be brought, Police who d...
Here in Detroit we have Gas Stations on so many conners, I can't count anymore, but the part that gets me is,  The building of new ones and no one cleans up the old stations, they become  eye sores for the city.  Now we have some Gas Stations open but needs to be brought up to code ? What are the...
OK Men, Ladies, now this can be a touchy subject, but the truth is never wear your scents to high, what I mean, if someone can smell you across the room,  then that's too much. Essentials Oils are great for controlling your body print (Scent), As we at Sisters Of Second Chance, tell people to put...
Gin'nnah Muhammad has all ways work hard, and in doing so she has created an unparalleled connection with people around the world. Gin'nnah Muhammad is President / CEO of Sisters Of Second Chance LLC, A top rated skin care company. Gin'nnah Accomplishments don't stop there, Gin'nnah is a Web Deve...

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