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If you are looking to buy a home or looking for condos for sale in Gig Harbor, here is a list of the open houses in the area this weekend.  Maybe you're looking for a fun spring...uh, winter, no spring...thing to do and want to see what is available in the Gig Harbor, Wa, housing market.New this ...
Gig Harbor High School senior Kate Stuart has organized a 5k run/walk to provide medical and humanitarian support to those displaced by war in Burma.   The event will begin at the Chapel Hill Church parking lot in Gig Harbor, WA.  Race begins at 9am on Saturday, March 29th, with day of race regis...
Hey Seb, why the long face?  That's not dandruff on my loyal dog, that's snow.  Those of you in colder parts of the country may not have any sympathy (and may not consider this real snow), but for those of us in Gig Harbor, Wa, this stinks.It's the end of March, it's not supposed to snow in Weste...
I'm an internet nerd.  I hate phone calls, I panic at the thought of door knocking, I fumbled over working my close sphere, so I ran and hid in the world wide web.  I've been amazed at all of the online networks you can join: Active Rain, Real estate undressed, Linked In, Flickr, local newspaper ...
Here's the weekly look at Gig Harbor's open houses.  Information is from the NWMLS, so it is reliable but not guaranteed.  If you find a home that you like, and have questions about the process of purchasing the home, please feel free to contact me.
Officer Dennis of the Gig Harbor Police Department is unveiling a new K-9 program that is beneficial for multiple people.  The Gig Harbor community is going to have the opportunity to help Officer Dennis raise police service K-9's! It doesn't take much time being around Officer Dennis before you ...
Have you ever heard Bill Engvall's "Here's Your Sign" routine?  It's a very funny take on people doing and saying things that Bill Engvall feels warrants that they should wear a warning sign around their necks so the rest of us can be alerted to their lack of intelligence.  Well,  Pierce County g...
Our real estate market here in Gig Harbor has been pretty healthy throughout this past year's national "crisis."  We're just now starting to feel the effects of the housing market slow down, and are for the first time in my real estate career pretty clearly in a "buyer's market."  While that may ...
Here's the look at this weekend's open houses in Gig Harbor.  Much smaller this week than in weeks past.  Remember, this info is taken from the NWMLS, so it is reliable but not guaranteed.  If you ever find a home that you're interested in, please give me a call.  I'd be happy to share with you w...
I'm definitely not a green thumb.  About the only thing I can consistently keep green is the moss in my yard.  One of the advantages of living in Gig Harbor is our climate pretty much grows things on its own.  I have rhododendrons, roses, lavender, and other plants that I either don't know their ...

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