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Extension and expansion of the home buyer tax credit is not the only boon for buyers beginning January 1st.  Important changes take effect that will benefit ALL buyers, not just those who may be eligible for a tax credit.  HUD has published a new settlement cost booklet to help buyers shop for ho...
I am writing this blog post mainly because I believe that buyers might benefit from taking a "big picture" view of the negotiating process, particularly now, when the market is already so heavily weighted in their favor.Whatever happened to the win/win scenario in negotiating?   I just lost a dea...
I've been reading alot in the blogs and consumer Q&A and there seems to be an enormous amount of misinformation, or maybe lack of information, when it comes to short sales and what they are all about.   We see questions like "what kind of scam is this. . .I made an offer and it's been three weeks...
There is alot of buzz in the news these days about the massive foreclosure crisis and the fact that buyers should try to take advantage of reduced pricing by considering the purchase of a foreclosure REO or a short sale property.  Here are a few things to consider when you find yourself in a bind...
Everyone knows that the real estate market is depressed right now.   Foreclosures are up and inventories are at higher levels than we normally see in most areas.  Is it still possible to sell a house this year?   The answer is YES, absolutely.  I have been telling sellers that they should plan fo...
Gwinnett County was created in 1818 and named posthumously to honor Button Gwinnett, one of Georgia's three signers of the Declaration of Independence.  In 1821, the Georgia legislature chartered the City of Lawrenceville-named for a naval hero of the War of 1812, Capt. James Lawrence.   Lawrence...
Talking to other agents around the office and working on deals you have opportunity to share experiences.  Not only is it interesting but I usually learn something that I didn't know, or a bit of additional info is gleened that can be added to a subject that I recently learned about.In this marke...
This blog is directed at two groups:   (a) the general public, home buyers.   and (b) inexperienced real estate agents and maybe even experienced ones, who knows.Alot of people think that they can find the home that is right for them on the internet.   That may be true, inadvertently, in many cas...
Just a short trip east on Highway 78 from Snellville you come upon a quaint town called Loganville.  When I grew up in Snellville the only thing I knew about it was that some of my classmates lived on farms in Loganville and the other thing was that we only went to Loganville when Dad needed a ne...
The mortgage crisis:   What's it all about?Flip on the TV and as you surf through channels, you will see the news media telling you how awful our economy is and will be in 2008.   Granted, we've had some problems in the mortgage industry.   Unfortunately, too many people were misled to believe th...

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Author Bio: Stephanie McCarty is a top producing real estate agent in metro Atlanta, licensed in 2000, primarily a listing agent in Cherokee and N. Fulton, including the cities of Canton, Roswell, Alpharetta, Crabapple, Milton, Woodstock, Acworth and Holly Springs.

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