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Author of the Best Selling Book Diamond Farming, Gary D - Re/Max Hall Of Fame - explains the ins and outs of Probate Real Estate, sharing the information from his probate real estate system.
Though the obvious answer would seem to be a steady flow of sales, the reality is something different. After all, a steady flow of sales is the result of a successful system of operation working, which only happens when the proper steps have been followed. WEDNESDAY NOVEMBER 30th @7pm(pst) Agents...
As this year comes closer to it's end, I look back at my year this year and my production. A little over 15M in production this year and I ONLY work Probate Real Estate.A few years back, I pivoted my business model and this is a good thing for YOU.I'm teaching what I do MUCH MUCH more, I have a t...
Looking for a powerful solution tailored to your specific needs and requirements, teaching youeverything you could possibly need in order to succeed in the Probate Real Estate market?Look no further – you’re in the right place. Take this limited time opportunity to enroll in our unique Online Tra...
 If asked what one component was absolutely necessary to the success of your real estate business, what answer would you give? Though the obvious answer would seem to be a steady flow of sales, the reality is something different. After all a steady flow of sales is the result of a successful syst...
I'm Gary D Sr, I've been working the Probate Real Estate niche for over 30 years and I also have been teaching Agents and Investors how to do what I do for over 20 years and have over 4000 students/members across the country. FOR YOU because you're here, reading this post and learning a little mo...
In California which is one of the strictest States to Buy or Sell a Probate home there are two ways to process.   The Old School Court Confirmation way which we try to stay away from takes on average a month to petition for the sale, another two months to have the court place this sale on the cou...
So I just closed a house in San Jose where I listed for $930K and we accepted a cash offer for $935K in 1 week on the MLS and my fee was over $20K.   It was a Trust not a probate as I work both but the POINT of this blog is that it was a referral to me from a Probate Attorney I have worked with a...
I had a Agent email me after I wrote an article on how great the EXP Realty program was and is the reason I left ReMax and Hall of Fame Agent Status.   This agent mentioned what I failed to understand was he was receiving FREE MONEY to work at his company (Profit Share).   I will agree I know thi...
For More Information on Probate Real Estate Please Visit Gary D at www.dfprobatesystem.com
I left ReMax after many years to work with EXP Realty because it would give me more options for earning then any other brokerage.  Just my personal plan for the "Golden years".    Today I  network with over 1500 agents across the USA (43 States now and growing) and I'm the go to guy for probate r...

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Over 25 years of successful probate real estate experience, a mastered proven system and coaching to share with the real estate community. Today you could learn something that makes you 6 figures of income. Gary D has the information for Probate Real Estate, Agents/Investors, I would take advantage of training like this. It's rare and only few have truly mastered the probate niche. Get what you need right now while Gary is sharing all the information with the community.