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Author of the Best Selling Book Diamond Farming, Gary D - Re/Max Hall Of Fame - explains the ins and outs of Probate Real Estate, sharing the information from his probate real estate system.
In my Probate Real Estate Business of the last 30+ years I have been often asked why would an Executor take a wholesale offer when they don't receive the money once escrow closes, so what is the motivation.   This is a great question and makes sense to ask so let's try to answer this based on my ...
In my Real Estate Business I'm often asked how many probate homes can one expect to do following my program.  This is a tough question to answer for someone else so what I do is tell them what I have been averaging based on my time schedule, number of probate files and market place.  As a Probate...
Probate Tracking Sheet...Where we find and keep all our Probate Real Estate pertinent information.. (Continued)... WILL OR NO WILL As a Probate Agent we will need to know whether the estate has a will.  The will gives the executor power to sell property, so we can find the info two ways in the fi...
Probate Real Estate is a unique niche I have been doing for 30 of my 40 years as a real estate agent in Northern California (Bay Area).   As a Probate Agent I have represented both investors and end user buyers wanting to purchase wholesale probates and also representing estates who wanted to rec...
 - RESEARCHING THE FILE (Calif. Court Houses) In each probate file, you will find a variety of forms pertaining to the probate real estate process.  Most of these forms don’t have the pertinent information we need.  If you concentrate only on what you are looking for and don’t try to understand e...
 So these days I'm all about saving time, delegating yet still earning good. What I have been doing lately on a few deals is I refer the entire probate home to my Investor who is a Broker and buys and sells 10+ homes per month.  These are big players BUT the key is they are Brokers and if you gra...
So another technique I use in my 30 year probate real estate business, is to have a 14 Day Pre-MLS agreement where I can bring the estate home to the market place with two weekends of open houses, test the market with a “As Is” price and “Fix Up” price then report back to the owner what the marke...
In my Probate Real Estate business it is very important I receive fresh leads every week so I can keep my contacts flowing and play the numbers game. The Probate niche is like any other program as the goal is to find estate heirs who are going to sell the estate home to raise the cash to pay off ...
In California, as I mentioned there are two ways to sell real estate out of Probate.  As a Probate Agent in California you must know all the rules and regulations if you are going to represent a buyer or seller so you can make it to a successful close.   This information is hard to find and I lea...
I have been involved in probate real estate investments (flipping, listing, and buying) for over 30 yrs and it’s been nothing short of a goldmine. What I found out over this period of time is attorney’s don’t study probate law by itself, but one of the courses they take in law school. I have hear...

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Over 25 years of successful probate real estate experience, a mastered proven system and coaching to share with the real estate community. Today you could learn something that makes you 6 figures of income. Gary D has the information for Probate Real Estate, Agents/Investors, I would take advantage of training like this. It's rare and only few have truly mastered the probate niche. Get what you need right now while Gary is sharing all the information with the community.