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Author of the Best Selling Book Diamond Farming, Gary D - Re/Max Hall Of Fame - explains the ins and outs of Probate Real Estate, sharing the information from his probate real estate system.



     Ok so we are in court at a Probate Real Estate confirmation sale.  First when you arrive check the court calendar sheet for cases which will be on the calendar that day.  They are usually posted on the court room's entrance door or bulletin board.  Check to see your probate case is on and ha...
     I want to continue on overbidding at court for Probate Real Estate either as an investor or a new or veteran Probate Agent and what you need to know to help your success ratio.  Keep in mind you can find probate homes at court on a weekly basis and represent clients who you take to court, ov...
     Remember, my focus over the last 22+ years I have been doing Probate Real Estate both as an Investor and Probate Agent has been with using the I.A.E.A to take my probate deals out of the court confirmation process.  This process (California) although full of red tape and many hoops to jump t...
     California Probate Real Estate has two ways to sell the estate property.   The court confirmation process which has been around for many years which requires 10% deposits from the buyer, "As Is" purchases, 4-6 weeks just to be placed on the court calendar, the 90% rule which states the estat...
PROBATE REAL ESTATE AGENTS.....TELL ME WHAT YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT BEING A PROBATE AGENT OR INVESTOR Below is one of the articles which talked about what I do  just before I spoke at the Las Vegas Real Estate Convention in 2005.  It was a great 4 day event and I was able to meet many great people...
PROBATE REAL ESTATE SYSTEM...CONTACTING THE ESTATE      In my Probate Real Estate tracking system, I use a PC to write my agent "Letters of Inquiry" to the executors.  I have a saved form letter, and I can direct the computer to insert the executor name, estate name, and property address into the...
Probate Real Estate Investing and Probate Agent Training.....Since 1992    http://www.johntreed.com/Reedgururating.html Check John Reeds "Guru" Rating page. He is the watchdog of this industry and has researched anyone who is anybody in this "RE Systems World" so buyer beware. www.probate-realest...
Probate Tracking Sheet...Where we find and keep all our Probate Real Estate pertinent information.. (Continued)... •1.     WILL OR NO WILL       As a Probate Agent we will need to know whether the estate has a will.  The will gives the executor power to sell property, so we can find the info two ...
•1.     RESEARCHING THE FILE (Calif. Court Houses)       In each probate file, you will find a variety of forms pertaining to the probate process.  Most of these forms don't have the pertinent information we need.  If you concentrate only on what you are looking for and don't try to understand ev...
HOW TO FIND PROBATE PROPERTIES   When I first started tracking probates, I targeted an area, which included 4 cities, about 8 square miles, and a population of about 400,000.  I had been selling properties in this area for the previous 14 years, so I knew the prices.  I advise you to start in an ...

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Over 25 years of successful probate real estate experience, a mastered proven system and coaching to share with the real estate community. Today you could learn something that makes you 6 figures of income. Gary D has the information for Probate Real Estate, Agents/Investors, I would take advantage of training like this. It's rare and only few have truly mastered the probate niche. Get what you need right now while Gary is sharing all the information with the community.