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Something that people might not be aware of is that Javascript is required to run an web page.  Without Javascript the does not work at all.  Most modern pages are built in either (if your a microsoft development shop) or PHP (open source).All the nice dynamic activities o...
Have you seen the send to menu in XP Pro? This is the right click button that shows you the applications you can use to "Send an Item to". The list is usually "compressed folder (zipped)", "mail recepiant", "desktop",  and "my documents".  But this menu can be changed to include some extra items....
A great place for information on all things Google is Google itself. "My Site and Google" contains great information on how to get configure your site to be Google Friendly.Google allows you to upload a site index to tell it where al...
You may not know it, but Microsoft offers some great high end FREE development tools.Channel 8 - Free for Students (DreamSpark)Found here dream spark downloads include Visual Studio 2008, Windows Server 2003 and Expressions Studio. All free to students.Visu...
Today I had to call my ISP(internet service providers), because they mucked up the DNS (Distinguished Name Service) of my mail server.  I went to whois and reverse IP my mail servers external IP and got a different name.  I was alerted to this problem because my mail was starting to get placed in...
A WhoIs lookup is part of any site owners Domain Stategy.  Whois Services are offered by many sites that allow the purchase of Domains.  I buy my Domains from Godaddy (maybe I will blog about why I hate on netsol, but latter for that), but I do all my lookups on  There interface is ...
Let me present the humble Title Attribute for your consideration.  This hard working attribute is a member of most HTML nodes, but is hardly used. Its syntax is easy and is very similar to the ALT attribute TITLE="TAG TITLE" and even has important ramification in SEO, but even so it is still most...
I guess I am a little amused by people trying to SEO their sites, with out thinking about the Optimization part of the equation.  They want their page to come up as first in Google, but they don't really think about the rest of it.  All that is fine by me, to me it means that people are finally d...
iCalendar is a curious little interface.  It looks like something from my old windows 3.11 days, but it may prove to be an interesting addition to my coding tool box.iCalendar is a text file specification with a MIME-TYPE(I'll talk about them latter, maybe).  It looks so odd because it was built ...
AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML, and what that means is the Javascript on the page calls into a Safe For Scripting DLL (Microsoft XML DLL in IE). A DLL stands for Dynmic Link Library and is a set of code instructions that execute when called.  The DLL makes a request to a web page...

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