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Low Hanging Fruit Who devised this term?  It is applied to easy money, reachable markets that are ripe and short people.  No not really short people, but the words have been put together as defining business opportunities that are right in front of us and effortless generated financial fortunes. ...
What Color are You? I am so tired of hearing the word "Green" this and "Green" that.  Have we already forgotten the "Jolly Green Giant"?  What about a "Green Thumb", or the "Green Hornet" or the "Green Lantern".  Or the dreaded "Gangrene" or "Green Bananas" or "Green with Envy". What about the co...
The Maverick Rule of Predictability is business, sales, and marketing plans based on what will happen in the future are usually wrong! Well all good plans have to predict the future right?  Tell that to the weather man, or the book makers in Vegas.  What about IBM and Apple?  Who predicted their ...
The Maverick Rule of Sacrifice is that you have to give up something in order to get something! This is very easy.  If you want to be success in your business today, give something up. The question always comes back to me is what is "something"? In a small business there are usually 3 things: •1....
Sometimes people believe to be on the edge actually come back off the cliff and relate to our time and today's business.  Hugh MacLeod is one of those people.  Some consider him a deviant, some positive and some negative.  Back in 2004 Hugh hit marketing on the head!  A real truth will remain aft...
Play it again Sam! Haven't we've been here before?  I am sure you have seen it before.  I'll bet you will see it again.  It's in all the papers.  Covered by all media.     Like a broken record.  Our business cycle is wavering, wavering on recession, depression, food lines, unemployment records, w...
The Maverick Builder Rule of the Pitch. In order to get your prospects and clients to see you or your business as offering them a superior benefit or gain that no other competitor offers them is the heart of a "WOW". The Maverick Builder Rule of the Pitch without a WOW you are an unwanted sales c...
Advice.  If I give it will you take it?  Maybe.  Maybe not. So I have to ask you what is that one thing that you can do tomorrow that will create the biggest impact on your business?  Don't think about it, you know what it is.  You don't need my advice.  If you need 10 minutes, take it and ask yo...
The Maverick Builder Rule of Ideas In 2001 I went from having millions to owing millions (17 of them to be exact).  People would ask me how did I sleep?    I told them I slept like a baby.  They would say "you slept like a baby with that kind of debt?"  I told them I went home, had a glass of mil...
The Maverick Builder Rule of Abundance   The Rule of Abundance is that business opportunities are always more than plentiful.    The rule demonstrates that whether fullness of the spirit or a plentiful supply, that scarcity is manufactured by the frequency in communication and not in occurrence. ...

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Mentoring by creating business platforms and structures that foster ideas and innovation. Advice on Real Estate sales strategy development through visualizing innovation and streamlining its implementation. Sales and Marketing tips for the Home Inspection Industry.