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If you are like many, you may wonder what is a Micro Blog?  You may even have heard about Twitter and are trying to find out what all the fuss is.  If you are like SOME, you have already realized that Twitter has become one of the most innovative communication tools on the planet. Our President E...
Today you can buy "clicks" to increase your customer base, buy "Ad Words" to boost your search engine optimization, and you can place "embedded" marketing to trigger a website view, but none of these IT gimmicks can help you make the right financial decision when researching for your home mortgag...
This one is for the late night crowd, not the preppies! This niche wears a 3 piece suit during the day and then will unwind in a private spot at night.  This prospect may be a board member, an account executive, or a bank vice president.  This crowd will dress for success, wine and dine, and then...
Father Time is just about to turn over the New Year.  You just about ready to lift a glass, kiss the first person you see, and make a resolution that you probably won't be able to remember how you worded it or keep due to lack of whatever.  So now let's make plans ahead of time to create some nee...
I signed up for a computer lab last month with a number of other professionals.  As we began to move into the class, as is usual in these situations, I could tell people would soon be lost. The professional in the class were wonderful at sales, but they have not trained in the computer arena othe...
During slow economic times, times they also call lean, you can be so busy managing and coordinating marketing, sales, prospects, and projects that you have no time to work on your actual business. Financial matters always need to be correctly interpreted and analyzed in order not to compromise qu...
I cannot believe that there are still today businesses without a company website or an individual webpage.  The darling little girl in pig tails at the local Grocery store has a web page.  The 13-year old boy who rakes my leaves has one and it is linked to his Facebook page.  Our baby sitter in t...
Next What!  Next Question.  Is that how you feel?  In business you are only as good as you next question.  Not the one you answer, but the one you ask.  The simple truth is that there is not a formula or Ivy League school that can teach you the next question.  The answer will range and span with ...
Sooner or later the economy will take a decisive turn.  Good things will happen.  You will need to "grab" to ball, or see the "Rebound" coming in order to make the most of the early opportunities. I sure by now you have had it up to here of the endless "stuff".  Stuff as defined by house sales, l...
"There's a man who leads a life of danger, To everyone he meets he stays a stranger. With every move he makes another chance he takes, Odds are he won't live to see tomorrow. Secret agent man, secret agent man, They've given you a number and taken away your name."   Johnny Rivers That is just wha...

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