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Important Disclosure: This information is meant to be a general guide to consumers about what to expect from a loan modification. I currently do not do loan modification negotiations nor do I receive any money from any loan modification company for referring people to them, although I do assist w...
My apologies for lack of a daily report….things have been a little crazy trying to close loans and prepare other for the next dip in rates. We are seeing a steady increase in rates and credit scores have never been so important! I will be conducting some education classes on the new 2008 FICO cha...
Question- What kind of options do I have to modify my own mortgage?  A: Here is a list ofsome different options Capitalization of arrears: The past due payments -- and perhaps late fees and other charges arising out of past delinquencies -- are added to the loan balance. A new payment, which will...
9 Ways That "Waiting For Mortgage Rates To Fall" Can Come Back To Haunt You In late-November, as mortgage rates fell into the fives, homeowners helped to start a mini-Refi Boom.  This week, however, self-doubt crept in. Rest easy, friends.  You're not missing out. See, it's well-known that 0-poi...
The bad news- Rates increased .50% Midday Good News- Our team was prepared and had everything within a 30 day close locked! We will see it come again in the next 2 months so make sure those looking to buy, refinance or just need some direction for a roadmap take the time to do this in advance. Ra...
Ok... So look up gas prices in 2001 when Bush came into place- $1.52/gallon.. now we see Bush leaving office and gas is back to $1.52/gallon. Hmmmmmm? I am so looking forward to the changes that we are seeing in the near future- no more Bush gives more hope.
Wanted: Loan Modification Nuggets                                                              Got      ?    I am in a synergy group of bank employees- some employed and some not :( I have just submitted the question below and I will post the results here. I am looking forward to sharing my findi...
BRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! It's going to be a cold one this week so make sure you bundle up! For those who are use to seeing my daily report this may come as a little surprise as I have not used an Acronym or an economic indicator as I am about ready to give up on logic! For those that have seen this for t...
Hello Everyone, I have spent the last year working on assisting my Realtors close deals pertaining to short sales and learning and collecting as much information about that topic from every source known by man in this arena. The results have been that many people did a short sale and a loan modif...
“What Every Investor Needs to Know About Short Sale Investing During the Summer of 2008”   With the number of foreclosures and short sales on the rise, investors are doing more and more short sales out of need more than desire. The days of numerous sellers with loads of equity seem to be few. As ...

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