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Is your website a custom built site or is it an out of the box website bought from an on-line source that has predesigned sites available?If it is an out of the box site there are some things you need to be aware of. These sites normal do not score as high in the www.websitegrader.com tool and no...
After siting at my desk working on my website for 2 weeks I evidently hurt my neck. Well let me tell you this went on for over a month. I went to the MD and she gave me an anti-inflamatory (did nothing). Went back she gave me a muscle relaxer (did nothing except make me sleep). She was going to s...
Just this week we have had news of another supplier for the future Toyota Plant here in tupelo. The particular supplier will be Toyota Auto Body. It will locate its 200 million dollar plant in Baldwyn just 10 miles north of Tupleo. This plant will employ another 400 people and bring a much needed...
Did you know that all real estate agents are not Realtors? Realtor is a trade mark name for members of the National Association of Realtors. All Relators are real estate agents, licensed in thier respective states. However, all real estate agents are not Realtors. So why choose a Realtor? We as r...
Are you facing foreclosure. Is your lender breathing down your neck and you think it is inevitable that your home will be taken from you. Many others are in the same situation. They have Adjustable Rate Mortgages just like you and like you their payments have gone up so drastically that they can ...
Do you guys see a trend with the people you attract through your website. I do. I am not complaining and I have come to really love the first time home buyer. I see a definite trend that I attract the younger people through the website. A majority of my clients are first time home buyers. I think...
I hear all these folks talking about how bad the mortgage situation is and how hard it is for martgage guys to make a living. Now don't get me wrong the crunch has affected my business. People I could have sold a home to 6 months ago now can't qualify to buy a dog house. But, is all this a bad th...
I need everyone,s help Please. I am working fusiously on my website. I have a good grade on www.websitegrader.com. (If you haven't tried website grader yet do so it is great.) My website www.tuprealty.com is a great site built by a great web guy. We will some have some really great search tools u...
Yesterday I was in our office here and the duty agent got a call to come out for a listing presentation. This agent is brand new so I volunteered to go with her on the appointment. This person was up from Florida to handle her sisters estate who had just recently passed. I get there with the agen...
I have had my IT guy working on a new website. www.tuprealty.com will be back up tonight and I am extatic. The site is fresh and clean and really loks great. The biggest reason for the overhaul is because of the things www.websitegrader.com recomended doing. These were things we were aware of bef...

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