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I had the pleasure of recording a podcast recently with real estate entrepreneur Kevin Bupp. We discussed what I feel are some of the key principles that every real estate investor ought to understand — and so, I invite you to listen to that podcast here. Frank Gallinelli
Here's the final leg of our race: Part 4 of our series on "The Alphabet Soup of Real Estate Investing” discusses Capital Accumulation Comparison (CpA) as a possible to way to choose between two mutually exclusive real estate investment opportunities. In particular, it can help you put properties ...
In Part 2 of this series of articles we had just reached what appeared to be an epiphany of sorts. We turned Discounted Cash Flow on its head, solving for the rate rather than the Present Value. That rate – the Internal Rate of Return – looked like it provided a good measure of investment return ...
​In the first installment of the four-part series on our ​RealData blog I introduced two important measures of investment performance, Net Present Value (NPV) and Profitability Index (PI). Now I want to continue this review of key real estate investment metrics by looking at Internal Rate of Retu...
Successful investing in real estate depends to a great degree on your ability to work with some basic financial concepts.  How do you take the measure of an income-producing property? What does the terminology mean? Allow me to continue my review of key real estate investment metrics by revisitin...
Real Estate Investment Metrics: I invite you to join me again in my discussion of key metrics for investors in  income-producing real estate. "Using Cap Rate to Estimate the Value of an Investment Property"
My recent articles have prompted some readers to ask for a review of the key real estate investment metrics. Let's start here: Understanding Net Operating Income
I like to read the discussions in a number of online real estate investment forums to see what issues are of interest to investors at all levels of experience. One topic that seems to excite a lot of commentary concerns the relative merits, or lack thereof, of projecting and analyzing the potenti...
​In a prior post I mentioned several new articles that I've written recently for income-property investors. Here is a follow-up to one of them: In the first part of our discussion, you looked at the simple math that underlies Cash-on-Cash Return. The short version goes like this: First you calcul...
I've been remiss in not telling you that I've written several new articles recently and have a few more in the pipeline. So, here are some previews, with links to the full articles: The Cash-on-Cash Conundrum, Part 1 Life is too complicated; we have too many choices, too many options, too many ch...

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