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BRUNSWICK COUNTY, NC UPDATE BCAR UpdateNovember 18, 2015Brunswick County Association of REALTORS® releases October 2015 statisticsSUPPLY, N.C. – Brunswick County’s residential real estate market continued to move in a positive direction in October, showing a considerable increase in sales and ave...
Million Dollar Point Countdown Contest For @Bob Crane    What a way to start the week with a countdown party and contest for an almost millionaire!   Join the party and predict when @Bob Crane will win reach the million dollars points.   Our prediction is ..... October 1st, 2014 10:00 pm (Pacific...
How to get rid of "Critical Reviews" on the "New Trulia Profiles"   We choose to advertise on Trulia so having our profile up to date and accurate is very important to us.   With a recent updating on Trulia, profiles changed and much to our surprise we had 17% critical reviews.   Knowing all 30 r...
Well it's about time we had some great news from Bob Stewart our Active Rain Community Evangelist. Thanks to all our wonderful bloggers out there who continue to pour out their hearts and whatever else they are feeling like sharing.  Stay tuned to Bob Stewart for more bug fixes that are in proces...
  Changes are evident whether we agree or not.  Top Contributors are all over the internet.       It's a shame to see quantity win in this case though.    Top notch doesn't always equal to Top Contributor, especially in the State of North Carolina.     It's extremely hard to see someone who write...
South Carolina Showing Assist ~ Yay or Nay   Technology has updated the Real Estate market with many ways to arrange showings. Convenient, easy, less time consuming ways are available when used properly.   Technology is trying to get away calling the listing office and/or the listing agent and ut...
Happy Mother's Day To You, and you and you too!   Mother's Day is celebrated everyday    Mother's of all kinds are everywhere   Mother's of Children   Mother's of Dogs   Mother's of Cats   Mother's of Birds   Mother's of Mammals   Mother's of Reptiles   Mother's of Fish   Mother's are Everywhere ...
The easiest place to eavesdrop a conversation is in a public restaurant.  The next time you consider taking your client out for lunch, think about what you say, how you say it and how loud you talk. The Public Have Ears!!  You may be discussing matters that should not be heard by others.   You Ne...
Crowdsource Challenge ~ Picking The Wrong Agent To Sell Your Home   As  Buyer Agents we have a tendency to be extremely critical of our MLS and the listings that are uploaded by the listing agent.  We creat portals for our clients to receive listings from the MLS.   We find ourselves quite often ...
ONLY TWO WORDS   If you could write a note to your younger self,  what would you say in ONLY TWO WORDS? What a thought provoking statement!   Think about it .. Would you say...   Exercise Daily Don't Smoke Take Vacations Be Happy Read Daily Don't Worry     Do you think those two words would have ...

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