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Have you heard of the 1-800-SELL-NOW Brand?  This is taking real estate by storm.  I just got home from a great real estate conference in Florida this past weekend and WOW-- I have been in real estate for 6 years now and have tried every lead genreation tool possible, BUT this one is finally IT--...
This has been a week from Hell-- Just when we thought as Realtors that we had a handle on how the Short sales and REO bank owned homes worked they threw us a new fast ball and out to the buyers also.  The banks liked the high low game quite a bit until recently-- they used to put homes high and c...
THE ASSESSMENT APPEAL PROCESS  THIS IS FOR THE STATE OF MARYLAND Property owners sometimes feel that the department's estimate of their property value is wrong. The assessment appeal process is available to allow property owners the opportunity to dispute the value determined by the department. P...
WOW-- What a great super bowl.  Did you hear all the predictions from Obama- Oprah- Glenn Bleck-- O'Rilley and all the many other TV stars?  In the Great state of Pennsylvania the ground hog just predited that spring will come early?  YIPPEE--- So what does that have to do with Real Estate?  Well...
How many times have we got a phone call from a past client or other friend in trouble with paying the mortgage?  It is happening at an all time rate.  I have been innundated it seems this week.  Lots have been said about how to deal with this issue, BUT I decided it was time to do a little invest...
With a tight credit crunch still in existance I am finding that almost 80% of my sold homes and buyers are only able to purchase a home by using a loan program that entails grant $$ or credits.  The $7500 federal credit is great- only good until I think July 1, 2009 at this point. Mybe Obama will...
OK-- We have heard about all the many Bailouts that are still in progress.  So will ANY of these really go to help sturggling home owners?  That is the 64 Million $$ question folks.  I personally believe that until the $$ is allocated to home owners the Real Estate market and values will continue...
I just had another listing where the seller has already had the home on the market.  Come to find out I pulled the previous listing from 19 months ago and they had already come down 50K.  Still NO offers.  They got frustrated and called me in.  After having a heart to heart they were ready for th...
Did you hear the BREAKING NEWS ???  The Federal Gov. has decided that they want to save the Mortgage Giants before they run into the ground.  Well- Is it too late?  We will all see what magic they can do now to help the Real Estate Market from getting worse.  BUYERS -- Check this out-- Interest r...
Hello to all my realtor friends-- If you were to teach a class on Short sales and Foreclosures to other realtors getting into the business what would you tell them?  thanks  

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