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Can something come full circle when it's still spiraling out of control? I just saw this this article: click here . It seems that Chase Bank is lobbying to get approval to do Interest Only Loan Modifications. Maybe it's just me, but aren't interest only loans part of the reason our homes are wort...
The link below proves that the sky is NOT falling. In fact, it's only rain: Housing upturn occurring in some parts of Southern California, data show --
Only in L.A. are all the things in this blog title possible to see in one afternoon. Well, sort of. My daughter wanted to see some star's homes, so yesterday we made a day of it. If you enjoy watching humanity on parade, Grauman's Chinese Theater is absolutely the place to be. We started out ther...
FICO scores have been a mystery since they were first unveiled many years ago. Toss in today's short sale market, and neither Houdini  nor any self-respecting Las Vegas odds maker would try to predict what your scores may be. However, I just read the article below in this morning's L.A. Times. I...
Other than being a real estate/mortgage broker, if I had it to do all over again, I'd be a food and travel reporter. That way, I'd get paid to do two things I really enjoy. But since I'm not, I'll just blog about it instead. I took my family and some friends to Oak Glen yesterday for a day of ap...
OK, OK relax for a minute. No need to start hoarding water, duct taping your doors & windows shut or fleeing the onslaught of alien Obamas. This isn’t 1938, I’m not Orson Wells, and Obama really isn’t an alien. Although judging by the amount of hysteria over the last year or so, only one of thos...
                     Don't you hate when the people around you talk and joke during The National Anthem?  I sure do. To me, those are both signs of rudeness and stupidity at the least, and more than likely disrespect toward our country. I officiate high school basketball, and have the privilege o...
Micheal Vick absolutely deserves another chance.... at freedom. No doubt in my mind. He has paid his debt to society, and is free (therein being the key word) to do what he chooses with the rest of his life. Now, here comes the good part. Under no circumstances does he "deserve" another chance i...
We need to have more investors in the market and we need them flipping properties. There, I said it. I know it won't be long until the riotous crowds start descending on me. But before they do, let me explain. Investors aren't the scourge of the earth. Well, at least not most of them. They are l...
If you applied for a loan after 7/30/2009, there is a new, and as of yet, little known law in effect that has the potential to cost you a lot of money. Hopefully, that opening line grabbed your attention. The new law is called the Housing and Economic Recovery Act, or H.E.R.A. Sure, it sounds won...

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