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For those of you old enough to remember Whitney Houston singing The Star Spangled Banner during The Super Bowl, it's one of the versions you never forget. For those of you that might never have seen it, take a moment and watch this clip:   As a hobby, I referee high school basketball. More than a...
The extension of The First Time Buyers Tax Credit is now here. There are a lot of questions as to what may/may no be included. The National Association of Home Builders has put together a rather helpful site. I found this after watching a Think Big, Work Small video this morning. Here's the link...
Some people are in favor of the extension of the  Home Buyer Tax Credit, and some are not. I completely understand varying view points on "stimulus" money. "Stimulus", by the way, may be the single most over used word of this decade. Anyway, let me say that I am for the Homebuyer Tax Credit. Let...
This just in: Senate OKs extension of home-buyer tax credit and jobless aid -- From previous blog responses, I know not everyone is in favor of the Home Buyer Tax Credit Extension. I am. Given all the money being thrown at corporations, this stimulus money is already doing what it is ...
After reading one of my favorite bloggers, Gabrielle Rhind, I came across an article that I thought dove tailed nicely with her post. My comments and her post are below: Realtytrac is a huge, public, search & tracking website. If you've done any real estate searches over the last year (and let's...
HVCC, or " Andy's Law", appears to be on it's last breath. The end can't get here fast enough. This is one of the most ill conceived, heavily trumpeted laws to come out in the entire housing crisis. In the name of publicity, its author, New York Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, has done a great dis...
I am...from Iowa, I mean. I love chicken, and there's nothing wrong with a good waffle. But if you grew up in The Mid-West, chances are you have never put the two together. It's kind of like Hall and Oats, bottles and water or sun and morning.... individually all of them are OK. But put them tog...
This post title may be the longest in the history of blogging. Hopefully it got your attention. HVCC, or Home Valuation Code of Conduct, has a pleasant, helpful sounding name.It's the law trumpeted by New York Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo .   However, if you've tried to buy or refinance a home...
This article just broke in the L.A. Times: Feared flood of foreclosures in California may be averted -- While we are far from seeing a healthy market, the beginning has now started.
This just in from MarketWatch:  Positive news expected in housing reports - MarketWatch

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