It is going to be a beautiful time to be in Helen, the weather is wonderful and you will enjoy all Helen has to offer if you have the time.  Bring your camera! There are so many unique shops and the town just begs to be photographed.  If it is your first time in Helen, just begin downtown and you...
Yes, Thursday can be FunDay.  Having visited several places in Helen on a Thursday I find you can enjoy the are without all the traffic and visitors who come in usually on a Friday!  Of course anytime during the week in northeast Georgia is not as congested as during the weekends, but Thursdays a...
Snow yesterday, 70's this weekend!!!  Helen Ga is going to be a great place to be this weekend.  Yes, the weather wizards say it will be in the 70s!!!  Come and visit. With a little planning you can see much of Helen and the surrounding areas in two days.  Map out your route, any one of the roads...
Yes t is snowing in northeast Georgia.  I thought it was going to be just slushy, but it is really pretty now.  If you have time come visit.  I imagine this will be our last snow of the winter, but can't ever be sure.   Will try and get a couple of photos of the snow from my house to post!  The g...
I am having problems uploading my photos of Helen right now, but go to  to check out some things to do in and around Helen, Ga.
Have you ever wondered what to do while you are visiting Helen, GA?  Do you plan to see all of northeast Georgia, starting with Helen and working your way to the other points of interest and locations? Yes, you can get a calendar of events, you can look in the local magazines or newspapers. How d...
When I list homes, I usually ask the Sellers to leave during the showings, as I always felt the Buyers would feel more comfortable looking at the home that way.  True I might get some questions from the showing agent but generally not.  Now today I hear that the Sellers should stay there during t...
Whether you are lucky enough to be coming to northeast Georgia to look for a home or cabin in Helen, Sautee or surrounding areas, you will need to think about when you want to look.  If time is urgent, you have no choice, the right time is NOW.  If you can choose a time of year, the right time is...
Ever think you would like to just walk through Helen, take your time, see all the little shops, walk all the little streets and just enjoy?  Well now is the time.  I went over today to get some photographs and was able to park my car close in and walk up and down the streets to get my photographs...
Got Dog Hair?  Seriously, one plastic grocery bag full of dog hair?  If you do, and you or someone you know can use a spinning wheel, you can make yarn out of this!  WHY am I telling you this?  Because Helen Arts Center is announcing weaving classes, and dog hair yarn, made from the undercoat fro...

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