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I run a mobile storage company in Philadelphia and I like to share tips and stories of how portable storage units have helped our clients and the real estate industry. We’ve made storage and moving easy by delivering units directly to our customers locations and they’ve used our storage product in so many different ways. We serve the 5 county area and Southern, NJ including: Abington, PA Bryn Mawr, PA Bensalem, PA Blue Bell, PA Ardmore, PA King of Prussia, PA Philadelphia, PA Jenkintown, PA Valley Forge, PA Villanova, PA West Chester, PA Cherry Hill, NJ Pennsauken, NJ Marlton, NJ
I just came accross a company who's concept is a bit like PODS but on a smaller scale. You can send them a box UPS and they'll store it for you until you're ready to have it shipped back to you. I think it could be a good idea to create some space for my wife's sweaters and shoes in the off seaso...
I imagine everyone is as sick as I am of reading dreadful news in the paper. And I'm feeling the pinch as our self storage business is certainly tied to real estate transaction volume just like the rest of the AR community. Anybody want to chime in with some good news?
I'm working more and more with Philadelphia Realtors and while we've gotten better at giving each other business and referrals in person, but I want to do better creating referrals online. I've created an online referrals page but I'm thinking of taking it further and building a full blown affili...
Hi AR faithful. I'm hoping some of you can fill me in and give me a Realtor's prospective. I run a mobile storage company and our storage pods are very relevant for people with their homes for sale (either who need storage while staging or are moving). I'm at a conference of similar companies and...
Like many of you, I'm working feverishly to increase the amount of inbound links to my site. We're a local mobile storage company and we've focused our efforts on the keywords storage pods among others. I've recently started answering questions on Yahoo! Answers about storage and moving and I've ...
I run a mobile storage company and once in a while I get to see what customers are storing in their units -- and I've seen everything, from the hilarious to the tragic. Often times people are willing to pay money to store their belongings and keepsakes but don't take the time or effort to properl...
I've just hired to manage my Google AdWords campaign. They manage my list of keywords and adjust my bids. All the ads go to a mirror of my own website that replaces my phone number with a tracking number so they can see which AdWords are producing leads (through the tracking phone ...
You’ve found a new place to live, you’re rented a truck or mobile storage units, and you have set a moving date. The last step you will have to take is to buy the right boxes for your stuff. Most people think that any old box will do as long as it is big enough to hold the items, big and small. B...
Moving from one place to another can be stressful, particularly because most people don't get much practice at it (Thank goodness?). Moving all the heavy pieces of furniture, keeping an eye on the workers to make sure they don’t break anything, packing all your things, then unpacking them, arrang...
Yes, I have actually moved a dozen times - and that’s just in my adult life. I guess when you’re born an Army brat, moving gets into your blood and you just keep doing it. Anyway, here are some of the things I have learned.1. Keep a positive attitude. Life is what you make of it and a positive ou...

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