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Who am I thankful for today? While the list of people is long and humbling, I will make an attempt to show who us real estate are thankful for. Family - never to be understated and always at the top of the list, always remember that you get one family. Enjoy their blessing daily!  Integrity - ano...
    Beautiful Lake Arrowhead.    The best modern lakefront value for sale today.  2328 sqft of lakeside living.  Fully remodeled 3 bedroom, 2 1/2 baths.  Great living spaces with deck access from breakfast area and master on main bedroom.  Hardwoods floors on main level with tile baths.  Granite...
Douglasville is a city with rich history. It was originally known as Skint Chestnut. The name derived from a large tree used by Indians as a landmark. The indigenous Cherokee Indians roamed this area. The two Indian tribes, Lower Creek and Cherokee were frequently fighting. There were also hosti...
   Lithonia is one of the most appealing locations for most real estate investors and individual buyers alike and this location is generally well maintained and appealing. Located in Dekalb County, Lithonia is called the city of granite. The population of the inner city is small being less than 2...
  Like many of you, we’ve been watching the news.  We are likely all aware of the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy to the Northeast.  Property damage has been quite extensive as we have seen the pictures. For once the politicians were on the ball issuing people warnings and for once this time th...
  There are many kinds of rehabbers out renovating homes these days.  One group that is particularly interesting is the investors not just investing for profit but also investing in energy saving initiatives and appliances when rehabbing a home. This group of green thinking rehabbers is truly co...

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