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  Always make sure the wiring instructions have a place for the address…make sense right?  I mean how could that get missed?  Well it did on a closing some time back and we recently saw it happen again.  So I say to myself, if it happened to me twice in a short time period, how often might this r...
  Lake Arrowhead is a great place to buy a home.  Located in just north of Canton, the community is a private development that offers people a taste of mountain and lake life without being too far from Atlanta for the commuters.  Through its varying homes offered, tranquility reigns supreme year...
    NOW May Be The Right Time For Buying Your New Home.  Many cash investors are queuing up to buy affordable homes so the supply is drying up in the low-to-mid price ranges.  In particular some markets have hedge funds and similar type institutions buying property en masse.  According to various...
Keeping Everyone in Sync is Easier Than Ever.  I was recently reminded of this as no matter how many transactions we do, even when working with the same people.  Things happen.  Especially when you are working multiple transactions at any given time.  It can become a whirlwind in a hurry.  I am ...
Why not create a Theme House? It’s Friday so let’s have a little fun here!  Many of us dwell about our dream house from time to time if we are not already living in it but after reading about a guy called Chris Whited who built his Hobbit Theme House, I said Wow, what a novel idea!  A house built...
Crazy Numbers In A Real Estate World!  When looking at numbers across the industry, it is daunting to see the difference in positive and negative using just simple numbers.  In thinking about this, I found the Good, the Bad and the Ugly.  It is an interesting industry to be a part of for sure. T...
  The Backstage Heroes Of Real Estate That Are Often Forgotten. We buy houses and then sell them. We buy houses and then rent them.  We buy houses and then do the rehab and then sell them or rent them. Who are the people behind all the works before a turnkey house is even ready for occupancy? Her...
  The Importance of Networking with Active Professionals.  This is going to be a simplistic post however in life many of the most effective items are very simple.  We have all likely all heard the phrase ‘your network is your net worth’.  There is truth in that statement however it is directly li...

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