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Almost a year old but it gives an idea about this segment of the maket in terms of its purchasing power of $800 Billion dollars. Are you in a position to ignore this potential? Source: Fox Business News
Hi all! Any other Labrador Retriever lovers around? This is my puppy Henna. She is 8 months old and having her has been a wonderful experience. I was affraid it was going to be tough all the training and avoiding her to chew my house, but against all I read and heard, it has been really easy. She...
This is the snapshot of today's real estate market in Norwalk, CT.There are no properties under contract today, and compared to the snaphot taken back in December 15th, 2007, we can see a slight reduction in the number of active Single Family homes for sale listed in the MLS from 335 to 303 or ab...
This is the Norwalk's Current Market Snapshot as of December 15, 2007. While on November 2 we had 371 Single Family ACTIVE units with a Median Listing Price of $585,000 and an Average DOM of 103 days, today we have 335 SF units with a MLP of $579,900 and Avg. DOM of 114 days. This represents a re...
Single Family homes in Norwalk were sold in November 2007 for a median selling price of 2.70% more than in November 2006 and 2.93% more than November 2005.On the other hand, Condos have seen their median Selling Price decreased by 3.71% between November 2007 and one year before, and by 5.25% betw...
The Northeast, as defined by the Census Bureau, includes Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont.According to the National Association of Realtors report the Northeast is facing the current real estate bump better than other ...
As you can see, while comparing the snapshot taken on November 2nd and today, median listing price for ACTIVE condominiums in Norwalk has been reduced from $369,500 to $349.950. This is probably the reason why the percentage of condominiums with accepted offers went from 6.99% to 9.54%.The Averag...
 This is a comparison between what the market looked like on November 2nd and what it looks today for the market of Single Family Properties in Norwalk.There are small changes overall, however we see how the percentage of Active Listings raised from 75.87% to 84.13%, and those in the status Reduc...
In October 2002, buyers paid in average $554,325 or a median price of $450,000 for a Single Family Home with at least 1,500 Sq.Ft. and at least 3 bedrooms in Norwalk, CT.Similar properties (in terms of Sq.Ft. and minimum number of bedrooms) have been sold for continuously higher price tags (media...
That is a very much generalized perception, especially among those with hidden racial bias. I am bringing two pieces to the forum. The first one is an article from University of Arizona. The second one is a picture from some anti-immigrant people in a town in Connecticut. According to a report by...

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