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The Big Lie I have never met anyone that likes to be lied to.  That being said, I have watched the "Big Lie" used in the real estate business for over thirty years. That Lie has cost agents a great deal of money over the years. What is the Lie?  How about some history to give you a little perspec...
Technology- Who is in control Nothing has changed the real estate business like technology.  When I started we carried a book of listings and everyone had to come to us for information.  Today consumers can get all the information on line and settle on a Broker based on perceived expertise.  So h...
  Sphere - Can be a Ball Want to kick up your business and have some fun?  Expand your sphere, or better yet, build another one.  Done correctly this can really be fun. First, solidify your current sphere of influence.  Pretty simple - call each of them and reconnect.  That alone will bring in bu...
Broomfield continues to amaze. Having lived in another city and served as a County official I cannot be more amazed at the level of service the city provides. Immediately following last weeks 20 inch snow storm the plows had the made a path down the street and the crews were clearing the paths th...
Numbers, Numbers, Numbers OK now I get into the touchy stuff.  Regardless how I do this I will upset a broker or two.  Not the first, or necessarily the last time I do that.  We can't talk numbers that effect our business unless we talk about how we are paid. Strange how we get paid does effect o...
  Numbers, What Numbers? Numbers, who wants to spend time wallowing in numbers? Not me, but I have found that without spending time with the numbers chances of becoming a major producer are reduced dramatically. First, almost all top producers know the numbers. What numbers?  Lets start with the ...
  Dress for What? The evolution of the Real Estate business has been fascinating to watch. Fifteen or twenty years ago successful agents would consistently be found dressed in traditional business attire: Suit or sport coat for men, and a dress or skirt and blouse for women.  Today, not so much. ...
Why? What a question. Why? How many times have we put that question to our children, Our spouse, our broker the other brokers in the office? You know - Why did you do that? Why do I have to do that? Why am I doing that? The list goes on and on. How about we look at it from a little different pers...
Mentors - the Good, the Bad and the Ugly Okay, what's the deal, every where I turn I hear about this persons "Mentoring program" or that companies "Mentoring program" With all of these "Mentors" why hasn't the failure rate in the Real Estate business gone down? Could it be that the term is being ...
BOX, WHAT BOX? You now the Box, the one everyone says you should be thinking outside of. Could it be that many are thinking outside the box and have little or on knowledge of what is in the Box?  Could it be the prize is in the Box and not outside of it?  How does one know if one is thinking outs...

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