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How to cancel a Real Estate Contract. Are you all tied up in a purchase contract that is a mistake? What can you do? First of all, it is always better to protect yourself in your Real Estate offer with contingencies than to try to untie yourself from a contract after you are knotted up to with no...
http://www.orlandobuyersbroker.com/category/blog/ "Farming"  a neighborhood means you plant your marketing seeds and work it for buyer and seller  leads and promote yourself for future business.  Orlando buyers agents do not "farm", they understand and service all areas. I  hear and see a lot of ...
Real Estate Agents, lets get real... Just because you do not like something an agent did, does not not make it "Illegal".  Illegal means "breaking the law".  Working with a buyer or even snatching a buyer away from you is NOT ILLEGAL. In most cases, taking a buyer away from an agent  is not unet...
Orlando Real Estate: Orlando home prices climbed up 24% in 2013.  Homebuyers that were sitting on the fence are now reconsidering... Orlando foreclosures and short sales have decreased while regular normal home sales increased 42%.  Good news for the Orlando Real Estate rebounding better than ano...
Overpriced Orlando Home.  Wish it were not so... My client was interested in this particuilar Orlando Home and it was not a happy occasion...the property is priced not just a bit high...it was about 25% too much...listed for $550 and should be about $420...seriously.  Nothing has sold in the neig...
OK, so first lets just say the termites in Florida are common...finding termites does not mean that the home buyer should automatically nix the house because more then likely every house in Florida will get termites sooner or later. A termite bond is a termite contract on the house between the ow...
Can the listing agent control the home buyer?  The short answer is no.  The long answer is never.  There was a recent blog post that a listing agent wrote about their list of RULES for the home buyer...needless to say, the blog was deleted, but not forgotten. The rules were outrageous.  Even if t...
As an Exclusive Buyer Broker in Orlando, we only work with homebuyers....all kinds of home buyers.  Most are wonderful, but a few are difficult.  Some home buyers can be under a gross misconception about Orlando Real Estate and may even think that they know more about the real estate market than ...
  This is an excellent analogy for home buyers.  A few homebuyers think because they are smart at their job, that they also know how to buy real estate on their own.  They really don't know what they don't know and always need an Exclusive Buyers Agent to show them the best homebuying options. Ex...
In the old days when representing home buyers was taboo,I decided to become an Exclusive Buyers Agent. It was an unpopular choice and  I got many comments about why in the world I would want to GIVE UP half the real estate business...half of the potential commission lost by not listing property a...

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