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Oviedo Real Estate Home defects are NOT 'grandfathered in" Many Oviedo Realtors think that Oviedo Real Estate Home defects are 'grandfathered in"...I hear this every time an Oviedo house problem comes up..."well, the seller bought it that way, so the Oviedo Real Estate Home problem is "grandfathe...
Why Orlando Buyers Agent reads the small print in Builder Contracts  Sounds crazy, but it's not!  Orlando Buyers Agent always reads the small print in the new construction builders contract in addition to every word in the Builders Contract.  The reason I read the builder's contracts is so that I...
Orlando Real Estate Contracts and Real Estate Agent Misconceptions... Recently, I had an licensed assistant tell me that the home buyer was not allowed to use their own title company on a Fannie Mae Homepath  real estate purchase.  I told her to read the Banks own Real Estate Contract Addendum wh...
Exclusive Buyers Agents for Lake Mary Florida Real Estate National Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents video on the benefits of hiring an Exclusive Buyers Agent rather than a traditional Buyers Agent. Exclusive Buyers Agents for Lake Mary Florida Real Estate work ONLY in BUYER AGENCY OFFICES t...
What does $ One Million Dollars buy in Orlando homes ? Here is an overview of homes in Orlando around the One Million Dollar price range so that home buyers get an idea of what $ One Million Dollars buyes in Orlando. Currently there are 25 homes priced from $900,000 to $1.1 Million in Orlando.  O...
Windermere Buyers Broker and Buyer Confidentiality If a Windermere Home Buyer client is rich and famous and another Windermere Buyer client is living on a credit card, they both receive 100% confidentiality from me.  There is no leaking of Buyer's Confidential information that is not in the buyer...
Can a bank withold a Florida home buyers keys after closing? Not in my book...UNLESS the buyer agreed to allow the bank to withhold keys IN THE CONTRACT!  Yet, most Central Florida Real Estate Agents still think that the bank is the  "almighty powerful" forever and ever... even after the closing ...
 Butt out Maitland Florida Realtor and give me the @#$%&*  house keys!! TRUE MAITLAND REAL ESTATE STORY : Maitland Listing Agent,  Maitland Buyers Agent, Maitland Cash Buyer, and a Maitland "fixer" Bank Owned property.  Buyer closes with his title company on a Thursday and pays CASH (money alread...
  3 TIPS FOR ORLANDO HOME BUYERS ON HOW TO CHANGE THEIR BUYERS AGENT. Sometimes Orlando Home Buyers make mistakes and start working with the wrong  buyers agent.  Many times they do not realize it until they spend the day with their Orlando Buyers Agent before recognizing that it is not a good ma...
Dear Mr. Orlando Home Buyer@ I-think-I-know-Orlando-Real-Estate.com Yesterday we got a very long scathing e-mail from an out-of -state Home Buyer who had been searching for Orlando homes on our website: http://OrlandoHomeExplorer.com/.  He was not shy about blasting us about  greedy sellers, over...

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