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Orlando Home Buyer Representation is not for dummies...   A Florida Real Estate License does NOT prepare an Orlando agent to be a good buyer representative.  Orlando home buyer representation is not a "one size fits all" that can be done well by just anyone...Orlando Home Buyer Representation is ...
What are those dead animals doing inside Windermere home? I showed Windermere homes last week.  Nice Windermere neighborhood.  Dark Windermere house. We walk into the great room and froze...spread eagle on the pool table is a 12 foot white wolf skin complete with the head and teeth...as I quickly...
Real Estate Agent Conflict of Interest... CONFLICT OF INTEREST in Real Estate is a misunderstood, down played, and ignored aspect of a real estate transaction...   Conflict of Interest is a dirty little secret, that is rarely talked about, not acknowledged and for sure never admitted.    Conflict...
4 Ways how NOT to buy a home in Orlando Florida  1.  Be a negative Home Buyer.  Don't try to see if this house may work for your needs.  Instead, look for flaws and make a list of everything that is not perfect .  Find fault with the paint colors, front door and the type of flowers in the yard. 2...
How about a good Home Inspection for Windermere Florida? I always recommend good home inspectors for Windermere Home Inspections and there is nothing in it for me besides a good home inspection.  I have been told that I am crazy to do that and I should just tell the buyer to find their own inspec...
Why Move to Orlando? Because Moving to Orlando is a smart move... Orlando is centrally located in the middle of Florida with easy access to beaches (without the worry of hurricanes) and e-z driving distance to all major cities in the state.   Orlando International Airport has more direct flight t...
Is $500 Real Estate Escrow deposit good enough for Orlando Home Buyer?  One of my Orlando Real Estate Home Buyers just gave me a real hard time about the Escrow Deposit for buying a Condo in Orlando, as we were going to write up an offer. Buyer thinks that escrow deposits are not an important par...
  Orlando Home Buyer a CLIENT or CUSTOMER?   An Orlando Home Buyer is either a CLIENT or a CUSTOMER as there are only 2 choices for an Orlando Home Buyers relationship with an agent.  Either the buyer is represented as a client, or they are treated like a customer.  Whether the home buyer is a cl...
Orlando Exclusive Buyers Agents are high specialty Buyers Agents Orlando Exclusive Buyers Agents are high specialty Buyers Agents...simply because they have to be.   Orlando Exclusive Buyers Agents are held to a higher standard of representation and more is expected of them.  Orlando Exclusive Bu...
Is the Bank addendum Scamming Orlando Home Buyers? A bank addendum to a real estate contract is a document attached to and made a part of the original purchase contract, when a buyer buys a bank foreclosure.  It can add to the contract, clarify the terms in the purchase contract or it can blatant...

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