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Is the Orlando Buyer Agents job to raise the appraised value?     My Orlando Buyer client is buying a house that came in $35,000 short on the appraisal.  While the appraisal was adequate, it could have been stretched to a higher number, closer to the sales price. I did what every good buyers agen...
What is an "upgrade" when buying an Orlando home? I don't like having to dispute trivia, but sometimes in order to do a good job for my home buyer clients, the small thorns must be addressed. Some home sellers think that every penny they put into something that breaks down is considered a home "u...
  Orlando agent says the motor runs so the Air Conditioner is just fine. Says who? The Orlando Agent?  If the Real Estate Home inspector sees a problem with the air conditioners who cares what the agent thinks? Big Orlando house, 4 air conditioning units all of them with a technical problem...plu...
  7 Deadly Sins in Orlando Short Sales There are many reasons why an Orlando Short Sale does not close but here are some to the most common short sale obstacles:   1. The property may go into foreclosure before the short sale is completed. The banks “short sale” department does not communicate wi...
Making offers on Orlando Homes, making offers on Orlando Homes We just had an unhappy Orlando home buyer client because her 3th home offer on the 3th house was not accepted...sold to another home buyer. She was tired of making offers on Orlando homes that went no where, and somehow she thought it...
Orlando Home Buyers should ALWAYS choose their own title company Why should an Orlando Home Buyer pay for and choose their own title agent/attorney?  Because most Florida title Companies do shoddy work...its just a fact that anyone who is awake knows. This is just one title company story: I got a...
Searching for FLORIDA Exclusive Buyers Agents   The Florida Association of Exclusive Buyers Agents is searching to identify all the EXCLUSIVE BUYERS AGENTS in the state of FLORIDA (only) If you are an Exclusive Buyer Agent please send an e-mail to Eve@Orlando-BuyersAgent.com   Please note that Ex...
Six qualities of a GOOD Buyers Agent 1.  Knows the Real Estate Market:  A Good Buyers Agent can discuss intelligently the market values in target area and surrounding cities and counties. A Good Buyers Agent  knows where the buyer client needs will be best served and who is building what and wher...
Biggest Mistake a Home Buyer can make. The biggest mistake that a home buyer can make is not having an open mind. A buyer with a pre-conceived picture of what a house in their budget should look like will only end in disappointment.  Regardless if a home buyer is spending $100,000 or $1,000,000 n...
Exclusive Buyers Agent for Windermere Florida Attorneys do not advocate for two clients with opposing interests...so how is it that some Windermere Real Estate Agents claim to be able to represent or "partially" represent both the seller AND the buyer in the same transaction?  The honest answer i...

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