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Helping a home buyer buy a Luxury Home in Orlando takes extra skills and care because the level of home buyer's expectations is higher...sometimes much higher.  While a typical real estate agent in Orlando may be able to "bluff" with a fist time homebuyer, it is unlikely that they can "fake it" w...
My dad spoke 7 languages and my mom spoke 5, so I grew up around accents...but that is not the only thing I understand about foreign home buyers buying in Orlando.  I understand the various cultures, simply because a large portion of our business comes from foreign home buyers that live out of th...
What is a Windermere Florida Luxury Home?  When home buyers say they want a Windermere Fl. luxury home, I have to find out what that means to them, so that I can deliver it.  A Windermere Luxury home is up to the eye of the beholder that wants to live a certain lifestyle in Windermere Florida. A ...
Reasons for buying a Vacation Home in Orlando Buying a Vacation home in Orlando is both convenient and affordable.  As Orlando is the #1 Vacation destination in the world, the demand for a Holiday home is on the increase. There are many reasons for buying a second home...   Disney fun Prime Golfi...
Orlando Million Dollar Home Buyers Wanted   They say that Orlando Million Dollar Home Buyers are picky and demanding.. but I love them!  The reason I enjoy doing business with them has nothing to do with commission, but everything about who these Orlando Million Dollar Home Buyers really are.  He...
Orlando Buyer Broker speaks out All Orlando Buyer Brokers need to step up and speak out if they are going to represent a home buyer. Many Buyer Brokers claim they "represent" the buyer however there is always a line that they do not cross....mainly, they do not want to upset the seller so they do...
Exclusive Buyers Agents in Florida HELP home buyers to buy homes!   Florida has more than 298,545 Licensed Realtors...who claim to be top SALES AGENTS who SELL the most homes for the highest SALES price for the SELLER.    Florida has less than 50 Licensed Realtors who are TRUE Exclusive Buyer Age...
  Orlando Exclusive Buyers Agents do not blab.     My Lips are Sealed...   I will never tell the seller or sellers agent ...                                                                                 how much money you have...  or your income... how much you love this house... or how much yo...
Buying a house with a tenant Many times a home buyer asks a general real estate question like  If I buy a house with a tenant, what do I do?  The question is a simple Real Estate Tenant question that a licensed real estate agent should be able to answer.   Here is my simple answer: If the tenant ...
Home Inspections on Lake Nona Estates Million Dollar Homes Multi-Million Dollar Lake Nona Homes are not inspected the same as a typical house sale...a general home inspector is just the beginning.  In a 10,000 square foot home not only are there are elevators, extra fireplaces, wine rooms, gas la...

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