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When I'm 64 I know I will have less hair, wear bi-focals, have flabby arms, and have a double chin but hopefully I will also be able to enjoy being retired.Do You know what you'll look like at age 64  and do you know where you want to live and what kind of lifestyle you want when you're retired?W...
   The Chicago Stock Exchange announced that it is being sold to Chongqing Casin Enterprise Group, a Chinese Investment group for a little under $100 million dollars.The Chicago Stock Exchange is a relatively small exchange with 0.50 % of thei US stocks traded there but it could get bigger if the...
Yesterday my postcards arrived so I can finally put together my "Box of Chocolates " campaign. Below are all the individual pieces. They include the box for the chocolates, blue paper to be shredded and inserted in box, 2 pieces of chocolate and my postcards attached by blue ribbon. Each postcard...
1932 the Chicago Bears played the championship game inside the Chicago Stadium and beat the Spartans 9-0. The game was originally to be played outside in Wrigley Field but because of a blizzard it was moved indoors to the Chicago Stadium. My grandfather Bobie Cahn was a referee for this game.FYI ...
As a Realtor I bought into the ideas that Buying A Home is the American Dream. After being in business for over 20 years and seeing the ups and downs of the housing market  I think American's have litterally put too much stock into the concept of Home Ownership as the American Dream.In  February ...
I had a couple of hours to waste so I went to Barnes and Noble and browsed through some books and came across a book that interested me called " Downsizing the Family Home " by Marni Jameson.Since I am dedicating my self to working with Baby Boomers who are thinking about their own retirement I k...
 So here is a sample of what a marketing campaign looks like. The Box Chocolates  will hold 2 individually wrapped chocolates. Outside of the box is promoting "Mindful Indulgences" chocolates with their company web address.The Side of the Box says : IL Real Estate Specialists is supporting local ...
You may ask what does chocolate have to do with real estate ? And my response would be " everything".Let me explain. This year I wanted to support local entrepreneurs as part of my real estate business and began searching for businesses I could support on Kiva a micro lending site . It was on Kiv...
   The Curse of The Chicago Cubs.A local Greek, William "Billy Goat" Sianis, owner of the Billy Goat Tavern and a Cubs fan, bought two tickets to Game four. Hoping to bring his team good luck he took his pet goat, Murphy, with him to the game     Bucktown is a neighborhood in Chicago whose bounda...
  I think Rahm forgot to Read Mike Royko's book " The Boss".  Because things are getting real ugly here in Chicago. Last week Rahm was in Washington, DC attending a Mayor's Conference and while away Governor Rauner starts saying the State is going to take over control of City Schools through banc...

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