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 For Sale : Historic Landmark Building 1100 Ridge Ave Evanston, IL
While I Want Your Business I do not expect you to hand it over to me unless I earn it.While I think I am an Honest Person I am not sure its really appreciated until you find someone who is dishonest.While I hope you will Trust me I think it is like Respect it needs to be earned by doing something...
       10,000 People Are Retiring Every Day!                         No Need To Worry?                      Free Call: 866-745-6964 Listen to: Ext 1 : Forbes Top 10 Places To Retire Ext 2: 10 Things to Consider Before Retiring Ext 3: What Will it Cost To Retire? Ext 4: Taxes and Retirement Ext 5:...
 Yesterday I spent the day in Chicago and went to Lincoln Park Zoo. It is a good place to go because it's still one of the last free Zoo's in the country.Near the Zoo  is the Lincoln Park Conservatory. Inside the conservatory was  the 2016 Flower Show.After the flower show we went to grab a bite ...
   Today the US Treasury announced it is going to give Illinois $118 million dollars for " Hardest Hit Funds" to address Foreclosures and abandoned buildings caused by the financial crisisIts a crime because I see another failed policy by the US Treasury and even worse decision by the city of Chi...
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 This Super Tuesday I decided to look back in time to another era "The Lincoln Douglas Debates of 1858.These series of seven (7) debates were considered the most significant because the issues of slavery and state rights were equally dividing .Doulas the democratic candidate was seeking re-electi...
  The Charles Gates Dawes House is a Historical Landmark Building in Evanston, Il and is open to the public. Architect Henry Edward-Friken was influenced by the Grey Towers a French-Chateau-Style Home today known as the Gifford Pinchot House located on the Delaware River in Milford, PA. Charles G...
 The 1933-34 Chicago World's Fair: A Century of Progress Home Planning Group exhibited 11 homes and had 6 exhibit halls showcasing advances in modern building materials, architecture, and interior design. Some of the innovations included Central Air Conditioning, Central Heat, Pre-Fabricated mate...
I bet many people do not know that Route 66 begins in Chicago.The Sign is located at the intersection of Michigan Avenue and Adams St and points west and if you are here in Chicago then  go west on Adams Street and have breakfast at Lou Mitchell's. The have double yolk eggs and great coffee.

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