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The times are changing, and so is our technology. In a blink of an eye we went from beepers to cell phones.  Brick cell phones to credit card sized cell phones.  As if that wasn't enough, we now have the ability to: takes pics with our phone, take video with our phone, enter addresses and dates i...
Real Estate Market Interest Rates Stock Market Gas Prices The World's economy Slower consumer spending and rising unemployment - that's the floor for recession,  possibly on a global level. As recession fears increase, and the public purchasing habbits decrease, how do we continue to generate inc...
Come see what all the buzz is about.  Video marketing, cutting edge technology, live video broadcasting, all made affordable!Click on the picture below to see a TV Station's take on how our technology is taking the world by storm!  Join us for a first hand Business Technology Seminar in Dania Bea...
$9.95/mo go to www.esgtech.info for more information or email me directly at esgtech@vmdirect.com
Here is a stoy taken directly from my admin website for my homebased internet business, and I wanted to share it with everyone: Bill Moreland's Meteoric Rise NEW (10/16/07 12:00 PM PDT)With meteoric speed, September's Affiliate of the Month climbed to Silver in a matter of weeks and is now well o...
Well folks, it's been a little time since I've written a blog.  My business is starting to really take off and I am more excited then ever, about where technology is taken us. You can say good bye to typing and reading emails, as Video Emails or V-Mails are becoming more preveliant in today's soc...
I moved to Palm Beach County in 2000.  Everything that I approach, I do from a consumers point of view, reason being, I am a consumer and I know what I like and don't like.When we were selling our home in Broward County, I knew nothing about Real Estate, so when I listed my home, I called a Realt...
Capatilize on the Digital Age That's Upon UsWe all know that we have a digital life. Who here does not:Take pictures or videos with their cell phones? Download music? Has a digital camera? Sends emails? Uses a PDA? Surfs the web?Do you remember when the cell phones use to look like this?         ...
10% of people remember what they read 20% of people remember what they hear 30% of people remember what they see 50% of people remember what they see and hear togetherWouldn't you want to target the market where 50% of the people who come by your ad would remember you, your services or inventory?...
The Business Magazine of Florida Real Estate, September issues, talks about sales associates who grace the reality television airwaves gain exposure, boosted their image, elevated their visibility & increased their sales volume. In a competitive real estate market, where buyers are difficult to c...


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