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Learn how to read a title or pest inspection report; understand lender language; identify the tools your pending transaction team needs to do a GREAT job for you. My name is Diana Turnbloom and I am a leading expert and educator on transaction management!
Now that our primary method of communication is via email correspondence, our first impression of others on the pending sale team is frequently based upon the content of your email and how it's written. If you want to earn respect and encourage others to respond quickly to your requests, then fo...
Brokers are great at teaching agents how to create a pipeline of business, but have difficulty breaking down the complex aspects of the pending sale into a clear, understandable format. Throw in the fact every transaction is different and may require a different set of rules makes it even more ch...
Too Much Information on a contract can create a nightmare for you and your clients. when trying to obtain loan approval. As I have mentioned before, things are different in real estate land today. An example of this is the California Association of REALTORS® Seller Property Questionnaire Disclosu...
Tee Hee! I invited our Active Rain Community Manager Brad Andersohn out to ride as a passenger in my hubby's race car last Sunday at Infineon Raceway. You know that look of pure joy you see on a child's face when they experience something new? Well, I saw it when I opened the door to the car afte...
Anyone else out there in real estate land who thought they would have a million dollar year this year working on short sale transactions? OK, I was duped. I heard the rumors about the next big trend in real estate, got ready to gear up for short sales and even started to include the new laws to h...
Some of the best transactions I've worked on have not been because they were easy but because each team member took responsibility for their part in problem solving, communicating and keeping their clients focused on the final goal. Having a TC to help you with your transactions does not let you ...
Before your buyer signs the contingency removal, several things should be accomplished. Be sure to create a checklist for yourself to ensure the following are complete; 1-All required disclosures for the property have been received, reviewed AND signed off by the buyer. This MUST be done for pape...
Many Brokers and Agents are frustrated by the quality of work their new TC is producing after hiring. I believe they are not asking the right questions to help locate and identify professionally trained and experienced Coordinators. Below are 5 top questions you should ask perspective Coordinator...
I'm looking for feedback on short sale processors that have their own attorney. If you have used the service, would you share with others your experience please?
I used to be strong advocate for in-house Coordinating when I first started teaching classes on Transaction Management. However, recently due to my own experiences as well as the experiences of other TC (Transaction Coordinators) and Agents/Brokers who hire and utilize this service, I see increas...

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