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Learn how to read a title or pest inspection report; understand lender language; identify the tools your pending transaction team needs to do a GREAT job for you. My name is Diana Turnbloom and I am a leading expert and educator on transaction management!
Andrea Swiedler recently wrote a post Unintended Consequences with New Normal in Real Estate It brought to mind something my hubby and I always practice with our clients. PREPARE THEM FOR POTENTIAL PROBLEMS! When your clients are prepared early for potential problems, they are better able to hand...
Yes, you CAN lose 10 pounds in 10 days by going paperless with your office systems! Did you know the average worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper every year?! That's a lot unnecessary cost, storage and trash now that there are simple technologies to help you eliminate the excess weight of hard cop...
Just sent this to my sons Brian and Brad who are 26 and 23. Thought you might enjoy it... YOU are... Awesome! YOU are... Incredible! YOU.... Rock! I AM proud of YOU! Stay EXTREME and LOVE life! YOU ARE A LEGEND! Now Go Out There and Sell Some Real Estate!
I recently wrote a post about Angry Team Members that many ActiveRain participants responded to. A few of were surprised that one of the transaction team member (6 team members total- The buyer, seller, listing agent, selling agent, loan officer and escrow officer) was having challenges with elec...
One of my agents called me in a panic because the listing agent refused to talk to him. He was angry because of the multiple requests we sent requesting documents (Incomplete TDS, missing signatures, etc.).        The listing agent kept promising he would return them, but never did. So when my ag...
I was reviewing a few past articles in Real Estate publications and noticed that they gave great advice on why a real estate professional should go paperless, but now HOW to get started! I can relate to the frustration some people might be experiencing trying to convert. A lot of information on t...
One of my personal favorite topics- TERMITES! Agents are sometimes confused when multiple reports have been generated. Keep these quick rules in mind when perusing the front page of a report.... 1-Right Property Address 2-Look at the report # to make sure all pages of the report you receive have ...
I recently commented on a post of Thom Abbots You're a Real Estate Agent, Right? Why Don't You Work For Free? It reminded me of the 10% Crap Quota I used to teach new agents we hired for our office. It's similar to the old wives tale, "Things Always Break in Threes" (This was so true when I worke...
I wrote this post in 2009 and it's still great information. I've added a couple of more rules.... Truth be told, it doesn't matter how many transactions you have, but how many you successfully close and are paid (It Ain't Over Till It's Over, Baby!). Remember, transactions you are paid on but com...
What's going on with the "security enhancements" with ZipLogix and DocuSign? I've worked in the real estate business now for over 20 years as a co-owner of a brokerage company, trainer, Transaction Coordinator and all around curious cat wondering why we do the things we do. Please note that I am...

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