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Whether you are in the market to buy a home in Washington DC,want to know How much is my Washington DC House worth?and in other areas such as Prince George's County,Charles County,Montgomery County and Anne Arundel County, you have come to the right place.
Congress Heights DC Real Estate Market Report zip code 20032.    This report should be an indication of how things are changing in Washington DC. Some of my clients who I talk to about buying in Washington DC say that they are not interested in buying a house in Washington DC because DC is too co...
How much is my Bowie MD zip code 20715 House Worth?   How much is my Bowie MD zip code 20715 House Worth?    Here is the Bowie MD Zip code 20715 Real Estate Market Report Statistics for May 2014. Median sold price of a Bowie MD zip code 20715 home was $283,250. That is up 8.94% from May 2013. Ave...
PAY RENT AND BUILD CREDIT TO HELP YOU GET A MORTGAGE   Qualify for a Mortgage With Your PRBC Reportsm I don't know if anyone knows about this program but this can be good for your clients who have bad credit-( I have a whole lot of them ) or no credit at all-. If you've paid your rent and three m...
D.C Capitol Fair at RFK Stadium June 27th-July 6th 2014   Admission is FREE. If you are like me then you love free. I love FREE. There will be over 100 Awesome Rides,Games and Attractions. Free Entertainment includes Circus Flores.                               Tiger Show. Magic and Illusion Show...
Welcome back. I am your online tour guy Lanre Folayan-"THE REAL ESTATE FARMER"-Real Estate Professional with Keller Williams Capital Properties. This time we are going across town to SE Washington DC-Anacostia.              LEARN ABOUT ANACOSTIA DC RIGHT HERE People look into other things wheneve...
Anacostia/Hillcrest zip code 20020 Real Estate Market Report. So have you or anyone you know have been thinking about buying a house in Anacostia DC? What about selling your Anacostia DC Home? Well this Anacostia DC Real Estate Market Report should be very helpful in letting you decide whether th...
Need to sell your Washington DC Home Fast. I have Cash Home Buyers who are looking for houses to buy in Washington DC. For the past two and a half weeks,I have been door knocking in neighborhoods such as Columbia Heights DC zip code 20010 and Petworth DC zip code 20011. While door knocking,I have...
Benning Hts/Deanwood DC zip code 20019 Real Estate Market Report. There are three things to look at when you review this Deanwood DC Real Estate Market Report Statistics.   1. Average home price sold of a Deanwood DC House. 2. Average days on the market of a Deanwood DC House. 3. Amount of Houses...
New Homeowners can still appeal their DC Property Tax Assessment by 6/15/14DC’s Office of Tax and Revenue have already sent out the FY 2015 (which begins in October 2014) appraisals for property taxes in the city. That means: if you own a house or a condo or a plot of land, the city assesses the ...
Petworth DC zip code 20011 Homes for sale that sold this week.Interested in finding out more houses that sold in Petworth DC zip code this week? What about houses that have sold in other areas in zip code 20011 such as Crestwood,Brightwood and Riggs Park? And who do you know that I need to know w...


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