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Whether you are in the market to buy a home in Washington DC,want to know How much is my Washington DC House worth?and in other areas such as Prince George's County,Charles County,Montgomery County and Anne Arundel County, you have come to the right place.



Biggest Mistakes Washington DC Real Estate Sellers Make. It has been proven that there are three P's you must have if you want to get your Washington DC House sold for top dollars. They are Price,Presentation and Promotion. This is something many Washington DC Home sellers don't know but must kno...
Silver Spring MD 20904 Four bedrooms,three baths single family houses with a two car garages on sale for under $500,000. Well its almost the end of January 2014-Can you believe it? Oh how time flies. Well eight weeks from now,we are going to be heading into Spring. Next thing you know it will be ...
This blog is a must read for home buyers agent who have clients especially first time home buyer clients who really want to a house and know that if they want a house,they must do something to impress the home owner. Now what is it that they did? Read this blog to find out. Thanks Amy Jones for s...
A real estate listing is not guaranteed until your client has signed the agreement. This is a good reason why you should never calculate your commission check before you have done the work to receive a commission check. I know some people who used to do it in my early days. They will get a potent...
Home price rise for the 20th straight month-The time for you to buy a house is now. According to an online article by Mamta Badkar of, it stated that U.S home prices,including distressed sales were up 0.2% on the month in October and up 12.5% on the year according to CoreL...
Petworth DC Real Estate Market Report. Petworth DC zip code is 20011. Other DC Subdivisions that fall under the zip code 20011 include Brightwood,Crestwood,Chillum-Petworth and 16th Streets,The Hampshires and Riggs Park. Many DC home buyers are sitting on the fence or don't want to brave the cold...
Download my KW App for a chance to win $50,000 towards the purchase of yournew house or to renovate your existing house. Happy Sunday everyone. Hope you are enjoying your day off. If you are a home buyer or looking to buy a house,then you are going to love the Good News that I am about to deliver...
Yes. You are reading this right. I finally got a Pinterest Account. Now What?      It's weird because a long time ago can you believe I even wrote a blog on Why you should finally get on the express called Pinterest?. However for some crazy odd reason,I didn't even join Pinterest myself. My excus...
   How much is my DC Home Worth? How much is my DC Home Worth?                               Petworth DC House for sale. 733 Farragut St NW Washington DC 20011   Before you put your Washington DC home on the market,one thing homeownes want to know is "How much is my DC Home worth?" You want to kn...


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