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Whether you are in the market to buy a home in Washington DC,want to know How much is my Washington DC House worth?and in other areas such as Prince George's County,Charles County,Montgomery County and Anne Arundel County, you have come to the right place.



As of right now we have 3hrs 57 mins and 38 seconds left in 2011. Well I have to say Im one of many who are happy that 2011 is about to come to end. And I'm writing this blog on my phone so I'm apologizing in advance if it looks very weird. Yes we did it ya. Another challenge in the Active Rain A...
Day 30- 31 Days of December Challenge. 30 down and One more to go. Well I must say just like any other challenge,this one is tough. However it is going to help me prepare for 2012. Reading some of other people's blogs for this December Challenge has been helpful. That's one of the reason why I re...
Day 29 -31 Days of December Challenge. Things are heating up. Yet it is still cold outside. Singing; I really want to stay. Baby it's cold outside. Oops. This is a Christmas song. That was five days ago. Things are heating up. As 2011 is nearing completion,its time to take it up a notch. While ma...
Day 28-31 Days of December Challenge. It is a beautiful day today. Surprised that even though it is December,it is still cold. However the weather is not that bad. So what does that mean? Is the end upon us? I don't think so. Will the weather be like this in January 2012? Maybe. I don't know abou...
DAY 26 AND 27-31 DAYS OF DECEMBER CHALLENGE. Busy Building Business Better Buddy Usually I write my blogs everyday. But yesterday I couldn't write anything. Good thing that I must write a least five blogs a week for this December Challenge on things you are doing to build your Real Estate Busines...
Day 25- 31 Days of December Challenge  TELLING TEXTING- People Merry Christmas that is. Hello everyone. Just want to wish everybody a Merry Christmas. Hope you all got everything you wanted for Christmas. Santa where is my Samsung Tablet. And they say Santa Claus exist? I have been good all year....
Day 24-31 Days of December Challenge.  Well what can I say? Less than fifteen minutes from now,it will not be Christmas Eve anymore. I have been listening to many Christmas Gospel songs on 104.1 FM today in my truck while on the road. So what did I do to promote my Real Estate Business today? We ...
Day 23-31 Days of December Challenge. I am still doing what I have to do to promote my Real Estate Business and hopefully be ready for a Super Great 2012. More and more I keep reading the great 31 Days of December Challenge blogs,the more I keep seeing things that I can implement in my Real Estat...
Day 22- 31 Days of December Challenge. Well today was just another day. Didn't do too much. But I did something. Previewed more Bowie Maryland Houses in some neighborhood that I might do some door knocking at starting in 2012. Folowed up with some leads. Reading some Active Rain blogs. Still look...
Day 21-31 Days of December Challenge. Previewing potential new Neighborhoods for the Real Estate Farmer to Farm and Following Up. Can you actually believe that there is only 10 days left in the year? And can you believe that I still haven't gotten my Business Plan done yet? I should have it done ...


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