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Whether you are in the market to buy a home in Washington DC,want to know How much is my Washington DC House worth?and in other areas such as Prince George's County,Charles County,Montgomery County and Anne Arundel County, you have come to the right place.



FILL IN THE BLANKS. Happy Friday to you all. Just came up with a blog to write called "FILL IN THE BLANKS". My Question of the day is one way I have gotten to know more about my Active Rain peers and my dedicated three viewers from across the globe:-). Hopefully with this blog "Fill in the Blanks...
DC Free Local Area Event. Turkish Festival Washington DC. Sunday October 2,2011. 11am-7pm. Pennsylvania Avenue NW between 12th & 14 Streets.   Autentic Turkish Cuisine Traditional Music & Folk Dancing Performances Turkish Arts and Crafts Vendors Kids Games,Arts & Crafts Turkish Coffeehouse and Fo...
Wordless Wednesday-DC and MD Real Estate Agent "Thinking outside of the Box This featured blog by "The Chatter" Active Rain Oh Ashton, You Sneaky Devil made me post this pic. Everyday now (Well at least most days) I try to think of a "Outside of the box" idea. For instance when you go to Bookstor...
Question of the Day. What are some of your favorite movies? Watching movies good movies is one of my favorite hobbies. Ever since was around five years old when I saw Star Wars-I have been fascinated by movies. Some movies have shaped our lives. Watching movies to me is like going on a Writer's o...
Real Estate Agents -If you got too much business to handle can I have some of yours? What I can seem to understand is why Real Estate Agents can't pick up their freaking telephone? Do you have that much Real Estate Business that you can't pick up your telephone? Some of these dumb a%# Real Estate...
  This picture was taken at the Smithsonian Museum in Washington DC. This bronze image reveals how Chola Sculptors transformed profound belief into exquisitely realized form. Shiva Nataraja dances the world into existence as he holds aloft the cosmic flames of its cyclic destruction. His posture...
Question of the day. What is the next thing you want somebody to invent? Whether it is the Search Engine,Internet,Social Media,Cell phone or Laptops,Many of us have been affected or changed in one way or the other by technology. Seems like somebody is coming up or is working on "The Next Big Thin...
Deanwood DC Homes for Sale. Deanwood DC is one of the oldest Northeast Washington DC Neighborhoods. Deanwood Zip code is 20019. Normally when you think of Deanwood DC,streets that usually come to mind are Kenilworth Avenue,Eastern Avenue to the Northwest,Just Street,Bass Pl,Clay St and of course ...
Home buyers if you need to know whether you should buy a house now or wait later,ask your Local Real Estate Agent not the News. Home owners if you need to sell your house now,ask your Local Real Estate Agent not the News. If you are looking to purchase an investment property ask your Local real e...
What can I say. Viewing Art is a new hobby for me. Next thing I am going to start doing is collecting them. Came across this sculpture on my trip to the African Art Museum at the Smithsonian Institute. This is the work of the Idoma artist Ochai (who died circa 1950)was first documented in 1958 b...


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