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Erick Blackwelder shares his 29 years of experience in real estate and lending, helping over 2,000 nice folks buy and sell houses.



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Renting costs you more per square foot than owning. Renting is especially expensive in the Washington DC market due to the lack of rental properties available.Owning gives you SUBSTANTIAL tax breaks that you can take monthly as deductions on your W-4 tax form at work, and give you a tax return mo...
Are you afraid of approaching the real estate market because of what you don't know about mortgage financing. It's easy to be confused. Mortgage lending has a vocabulary all its own, with words like appraisal, ratios, debt-to-income, MIP, PMI, escrow, underwriter, and so on.What you need is a for...
Over the decades since the Veterans Administration (VA) began guaranteeing 100% of veteran loans against default, the VA has posted a maximum loan limit. When I started selling real estate in April 1990, the VA loan limit for the Washington DC metro area was $184,250. Back in those days a buyer c...

Erick Blackwelder

Selling affordable homes south of Washington DC.
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