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Many home inspectors not only check the critical components and systems of a home, but also try to give an overview of the status of the household appliances. The information below gives some insight into how this evaluation is done. Home inspection standards seldom specify that household applian...
Conducive conditions are circumstances that unnecessarily attract wood destroying organisms to the home. Perhaps the most common such conducive condition, that takes place right in front of the homeowner's eyes, is vegetation or plants growing against the wood structure of the home.Circumstances ...
A home inspector looks at the structure and many systems and components in the home. While this information is all helpful to the buyer, the fact remains that a few key locations at the home tend to be those areas where the most dangerous safety issues are found. If a home inspector adheres to an...
Does the home you plan to buy have sufficient sources of heat? Maybe it does and maybe it does not. Heating problems are common in older homes and, surprisingly enough, in new homes as well. A few of the most common problems are described below.When buying a home, either an older one -- or surpri...
Home inspectors cite wood to earth contact as a condition that will, eventually, lead to decay of the wood. Sometimes, the wood that is in contact with the soil is pressure treated lumber that is designed for that purpose. This article gives advice on what could be considered appropriate uses for...
When wood destroying organisms are found during a home inspection, what can and should be done about it? Does the remedy entail wood replacement, or merely hiring someone to apply a pest control treatment? Some of the questions you might have about this process are answered below.If wood destroyi...
A home inspection, because it is a visual inspection by a trained professional, has a certain number of built in limitations. An inspector cannot see into walls. However, when the utilities at a home have been shutoff, such as water, gas and electricity, that imposes limitations on the inspection...
On the surface, it sounds simple enough. But, in fact, the simple re-inspection of a previously inspected home or property is very high liability to the working home inspector. A synopsis of the complexities of the re-inspection process, and why it worries home inspectors, is provided below.Frequ...
Decks are so commonplace that people tend to take them for granted. In fact, decks that are not well maintained can pose a serious safety risk to life and limb.People tend to take deck safety for granted. Sellers, buyers, realtors, and even home inspectors who should know better, might walk right...
Wood burning devices, such as fireplaces and stoves, are among the most dangerous systems found in the home. Poor installation, or lack of maintenance, can lead to a serious fire hazard.Wood burning stoves and fireplaces are found in many homes, both older and new construction. These systems, bec...

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