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So, what are your thoughts on the real estate market?  What are your thoughts on whether we’re in a housing “bubble” or not?  What are your thoughts on the price of homes? Are properties being falsely inflated? I would like to hear from you on this topic. I’m of the opinion that banks are falsel...
Location: Questions Every Renter or Buyer Need Ask Location, location, location….I’m sure you’ve heard it. Before you buy or rent, the following should be considered carefully to be sure the property you like is ONE you want. Think about destination: How easy is it to reach those places you frequ...
Wow what a game on Sunday. Overtime win on the road against a stubborn Tennessee team, but 6 wins out of the last 7 games. But the victory may have come at a heavy price: AZ Cards may be without Larry Fitzgerald for a while. Possible concussion . They need him real bad if they to continue their w...
  When buying a home we tend to concern ourselves with items such as price, square footage, and the number of bedrooms. These are important but the neighborhood demographics should be just as important. So, here are a few questions you should ask the neighbors, your Broker, and yourself. 1. What ...
Are you unsure on how much advanced notice you should request for showings?Are you selling your home? Perhaps you’re looking to lease your place? Either way it’s very important you provide your real estate professional with as much advanced notice that you’d like and need when showing your proper...
Some say they dislike surprises. However, if the surprise is typically good, I’m sure most don’t mind them at all. So, to avoid unwelcomed surprises when purchasing a home, here are a few tips:First and foremost, read everything! I know it sounds silly; however, you can avoid potential unpleasant...
I just completed reading an article that discussed 5 ridiculous things sellers say and would like to share my thoughts. Feel free to join the conversation. 1.  But I spent X years or $X on that!  It’s more important to make changes to the property that you’ll enjoy rather than what you can, pote...
  But there’s no reason to get burned on price; you’ll find plenty of low-cost shade-giving options to cool your tootsies.If you’re looking for shade beyond the typical market umbrellas ($45) and freestanding gazebo kits (starting at $200 at home improvement centers), check out these other easy, ...
  Yes it is only pre-season but the Arizona Cardinals are 2-0 after defeating their historic and pesky rival, the Dallas Cowboys.   Again, not an overly exciting game from an offense point of view, but the defense and special teams did quite well. So Cardinal fans, let's take our positives whenev...
  A Purchase Contract: Who’s Offering What, When and How For Your Home? When a seller receives an offer, it can be somewhat puzzling. A popular question is "How much are they offering?" Of course price is a MAJOR factor, when selling your home, but it's also important to look at other items as we...

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