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South metro Atlanta real estate, living and entertainment, with a focus on buying and selling homes in the "20-South" communities: Airport Area, Henry County, Clayton County, South Fulton County, South Dekalb County, and Fayette County.
Winterize Your Atlanta GA Home for Sale - Part 3 Atlanta hometown heroes have been showing up all over the metro this week as temperatures dipped way below freezing and neighbors lent a hand to neighbors with busted pipes, blown out, over-taxed heating systems, and such. We don’t expect this type...
Winterize your Atlanta GA home for sale and prevent unexpected repairs. We've been hearing many burst pipe stories around Atlanta this week. That's a nasty surprise at any time, especially when your home is on the market for sale. For home sellers who are brave and house-savvy enough to do it the...
I’ve got a touch of the “F-word in Georgia” blues today. I’m a short sales specialist, and referring, of course to that nasty word, “Foreclosure”. Today not only marked the end of the first week of 2014, a day reflecting much hope and promise for the new year for most of us. In Georgia, however, ...
How to Winterize Your Atlanta GA Home for sale. Brrrrr! Temperatures are dropping fast. If your vacant Atlanta area home is  on the market for sale this winter, you could be facing more cold days  than is typical for a Georgia home seller. Why bother to winterize your Atlanta GA home for sale? To...
The Atlanta GA Short Sale is the Really Big Deal.   Why? Because.... The Really Big Deal offers connections, The Really Big Deal offers opportunities to serve. The Short Sale offers these things in spades.   Every successfully closed real estate transaction is a really big deal in my book. They a...
Five facts your Georgia short sales agent wants you to know:   Nothing I learned in real estate licensing school nor during the requisite follow-up training required by the state licensing board prepared me for the challenges of being a Georgia short sales agent. The world of real estate that I s...
My winter Re-Charge is on the way... or rather I should say it's on the Waves While wrapping up one year in real estate and gearing up for next, make certain you won’t be neglecting the most important ingredient in your business. You! How about re-charging your mind, spirit and body for the next ...
Recharge for the next year in real estate with technology in tow.   Thanksgiving is still a week away but my mind is already filled with holiday plans… or more precisely, between holiday plans.    Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, Vince and I like to take advantage of great off-season vacation ...
Okay, I have to write a post to the AR Membership in hope of feedback, since I can't seem to find any updated information on the subject.I seem to be missing the blog boat, so to speak. I've searched AR, tried to locate Outside Blog information more recent than 2009, but failed miserably. Probabl...
Georgia State Fair at Atlanta Motor Speedway in Hampton GA When: Now through Sunday, November 3rd Where: Atlanta Motor Speedway, 1500 Tara Blvd, Hampton GA 30228 Tickets: Adults $10, Youth and Seniors $5, Babies and Young Children free. All concerts, shows and events are included in the admission...

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