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***Disclosure: This is an email message I received from someone on*** Being in the lending industry today, especially in 2011, we are definitely living/working through some very interesting times!  Every time friends and family ask me about what's going on in my industry, I try ...
this one's a definite must read!It's official: The New Good Faith Estimate is causing real pain to The Consumer and; The Real Estate Industry I've now spent two months working on this new good faith estimate.  It's been implemented since January 1rst of 2010. So, without further adieu.....what is...
Note: Just because you've filed your taxes, doesn't mean it's registered with the IRS!   When it comes to verifying income of home loan applicants (buyer), accepting the face value of W-2's and Tax Returns presented at the time of application is simply not enough.  As an added measure of verific...
  As a wholesale lender that funds loans for mortgage brokers, I do not participate or issue out pre-approval letters on TBD's.  I understand that this can be very difficult for some sellers, especially, Bank Owned Properties who insist on getting a 3rd party pre-approval letter before a buyer's...
During the Christmas and New Year's Holiday I got a chance to catch up with a lot of my old friends and family and of course we got to talking about the mortgage and lending industry!  Yes, believe it or not, this is still a very popular topic these days!  : ) We got to talking about horrible loa...

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