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I checked the search area of AR and there have been other posts on this video.  I just saw it, although it is 8 months old.  This is amazing on the state of media.  You should watch the video!! Social Media Revolution
The following information was taken from the Ellensburg Daily Record news paper on 1/19/11  How to submit flood damage information to the county: • Go to the county's website at • Call in the information. For Ellensburg, call the city at 962-7239. For the county, call 962-7...
As the saying goes "there is no free lunch" and apparently this holds true in regard to Home Loan Modifications too.  I just found this out, so if everybody else already knows this, then this may not be earth shattering. During the Home Loan Modification period of seven years, (for the plan I saw...
I was looking through my statistics for my posts and found something very interesting.  The top number of views and clicks from the posts I have made came from my outside local blog. And the numbers were not even close.  My blog titled Schools in Ellensburg Washington has the most views with just...
I always thought it would be interesting to have voice recognition software.  You know, where you can dictate your words and they automatically pop on screen.  Well, I'm grinding through the process of setting up my new Windows 7 and there it is, voice recognition.  I completed the tutorial last ...
  The feature post by Richard Weisser stirred a thought as to why the First Time Homebuyer program has an inherent flaw by weighting the entry level homes. Move-up sales or mid to upper level sales generally create additional transactions.  The move-up buyer gets a bigger or newer home and sells ...
  What is the price point of sales in your market?  What inventory would sell in your market?  If you were to recommend to a builder the size, style and price of a home they should build in your market, what would that look like?                                                                    ...
I saw this today and had to share.  We all need to break free now and again.                                       
Thank you Active Rain for my education over the last nearly 10 months.  I say education because I have learned many things about the real estate industry by reading and being involved with AR.  Where else would a person get this type of detailed information about issues effecting the entire indus...
In the good old days, like say two years ago, a buyer and family would tour a home and if they liked the home they would form an emotional attachment to the home.  They would start measuring furniture and the kids would start staking out ownership of a bedroom.  The discussion was of how to best ...

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