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Unless an agent gives me a reason to check out the agent, I generally don't run MLS searches on other agents nor check on license status. I typically don't care about the experience level of the other agent. The only time I'm likely to do it is when I encounter an agent who is so danged sure that...
A potential home buyer is working with one of my team members to buy a home in Elk Grove, but she keeps coming back to a listing we have and asking about buying it with a contingent offer. Her close relative has her home listed, and this buyer continually expresses displeasure with the way things...
You know how some people skirt around an issue when they are asked a direct question, and you can tell that they just don't want to tell you the truth? Knowing that they know YOU know this, you would think they wouldn't continue to skirt around the issues, but they do. I can ask a very simple que...
As a person over the age of 60, I obviously did not grow up in an environment where kids received awards for sneezing and wiping their nose. I wasn't part of that let's-make-everybody-feel-good movement or that every-person-is-special sentiment developed by helicopter parents. Nope, I grew up ear...
My husband keeps asking me how I am feeling after my arthroscopy surgery yesterday, and I wish he would just stop. This is what drugs do to you. They can make you highly irritable. Or, in my case, just the same as I always am. LOL. Actually, the recovery process and the surgery itself went well. ...
What would you do if you could not type but had to write a blog? Or answer a text message or send an email? That is the situation I find myself facing in a few hours. In a few hours, I will be left with one hand. I'm not really sure where the other hand is going but it will not be in use for at l...
For a fact, I know that I am not the only listing agent in Sacramento to expect buyers and their agents to conform to the purchase contract, but the reaction I sometimes receive astounds me. It's as though the agents cannot believe that we would ask the buyer to perform in accordance with the con...
What a long week this has been. It seems like home buyers are out in droves, crawling around our limited inventory of listings in Sacramento and agents are calling to ask about withdrawn listings, if they're coming back to the market. One such listing from last year I get a lot of calls about, an...
When I started selling California real estate as an agent in the 1970s, my specialty was 7-day owner-financing escrows. By using owner financing, we didn't rely on a mortgage lender and all of the shenanigans, jumping-of-the-hoops, that obtaining a mortgage entails. Sometimes, I even sold owner-c...
As business begins to gear up for January, it's nice that I have a little free time to engage in phone conversations with other agents. So much of spring-time sales is spent balancing one phone call against another and trying to end my call in time to take the next call. But January gives me time...

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