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Sacramento real estate and housing market, from Galt to Lincoln. Local observations about Sacramento restaurants, special events, music concerts and the Sacramento lifestyle, including great places to vacation around the world.



Every real estate agent has something to say about the way our real estate market is changing this fall, but I swear to god you have no idea what is going on in some places. An agent in Elk Grove sent me an offer for a home from a buyer who has no proof of funds but is paying cash. The buyer has ...
Ah, the rumors about Move are true. Everybody knows that Realtor.com is losing audiences to Zillow giant, which is presently absorbing Trulia. What a feast going on. I know I used to advertise many many years ago on Realtor.com but I stopped because it was like throwing money into the air and wat...
I know there are sellers in this market who would do just about anything to sell a home, but lax security should not be one of those things. Keeping the home in tip-top viewing condition is important. Clearing away the leaves and spider webs from the walkway and front door helps to make the home ...
There seems to be resistance to technology among seniors, and many older agents today don't even write a blog or socialize on other websites. People can be very stubborn. I was never really one of those people. Well, I'm not saying I'm not stubborn because I certainly can be, but I have always em...
I think sometimes when a Sacramento real estate agent does what she says she's gonna do, she freaks out people without meaning to. Which makes me think that people don't always believe what an agent tells them and they have to see it in action with their own two eyeballs before they believe it. I...
If you're wondering about the future of real estate in Sacramento and elsewhere in the country, let me share a few insights with you in the link at the end of this blog but to get there, I first want to talk about retail shopping in Sacramento. Now about twice a year I go shopping, and I usually ...
There are times that there is nothing a Sacramento real estate agent can do to improve the viewing quality of a home. It's just what some of them are and the way people live. You can ask home sellers to make the home look like nobody lives there, yet when I arrive, the kitchen looks like they nev...
The strangest thing happened with my iPhone in Sacramento a few days ago. Since I almost always wear my Bluetooth all day long, I initially heard a little blip in my ear but didn't pay attention because I was glued to my monitor, fingers flying across the keyboard, which is basically what most of...
I wonder why the Sacramento board of REALTORS doesn't put on a seminar for buyers' agents on how to deal with requests for repair after a home inspection? I suppose in part it's because it would mean an agent would be responsible for helping a buyer to understand a home inspection and we are not ...
You have alternatives if you have been rejected for a mortgage, other options, and it does not necessarily mean you have to remain a tenant. On top of that, with so many websites these days pumping and pimping homes online, it's hard to tell sometimes if the home you're looking at is for sale or ...

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