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Sacramento real estate and housing market, from Galt to Lincoln. Local observations about Sacramento restaurants, special events, music concerts and the Sacramento lifestyle, including great places to vacation around the world.



My husband is the guy who gets to listen to me carry on throughout the day about what goes on in my real estate practice. You ever want to know anything about Sacramento real estate? Ask him, because he gets an earful of it. It's not like I can write about everything that happens to me because so...
When the caller told me she left messages detailing her situation on other real estate agent's voice mails (who never called her back) and even briefly spoke to one agent but he hung up, I first wondered why I was last on her list of agents to call. I should have been first. But you never know ho...
I screen a lot of Sacramento home buyers who call me when they are starting to look for a home, so I know what kinds of things are running through their heads. Some home buyers feel uneasy in today's market but realize they need to buy a home regardless. They know that prices are going up but the...
Usually on Sunday mornings when the Sacramento Bee arrives, I flip through the real estate home section first, followed by business, but today the Masters Club edition showed up on my steps. This means I shoved aside the real estate wars between brokerages that seem to be playing itself out in th...
There are some sellers who call me with a huge list of questions about how to sell a home in Sacramento. They want to know all sorts of things that don't apply to the sale of their home. It's OK because I realize they don't sell Sacramento real estate, and they're just doing the best they can wit...
The real estate market in Sacramento is fairly weak this spring, and I don't hear anybody really talking about it because we're supposed to be as agents so rah-rah over real estate, regardless of what happens. What's actually happening, if you want to know, is about 50% of the pending sales in Sa...
We all make mistakes; even the best Sacramento real estate agent can make a mistake because we are human. Nobody is a robot -- even if I do have to talk like one to get my stinkin' cell to understand what I'm saying half the time. But the solution to making a mistake is to deal with that mistake ...
It's not unusual for sellers to turn down offers in this market that do not fit a sellers' objective, especially among listings in Elk Grove. I'm happy that sellers are OK with picking and choosing the buyers they want because it makes for a smoother escrow period as well. I certainly don't mind ...
A charming seller called yesterday from the Monterey Bay area to talk about selling a duplex in Fair Oaks next month. We tentatively scheduled a day to meet at the property so I can shoot photos when it dawned on me that the seller will be traveling over Business 80, right through the WX Freeway ...
You might think it's a defeatist attitude to keep looking at homes after buying a home and having your purchase offer accepted by the seller, but I find that first-time home buyers often don't know any better unless somebody tells them. And buyer's agents sometimes get so used to the way other bu...

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