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Sacramento real estate and housing market, from Galt to Lincoln. Local observations about Sacramento restaurants, special events, music concerts and the Sacramento lifestyle, including great places to vacation around the world.



Everybody who knows me realizes that I am not in the business of trying to swipe another agent's client. Not only do I believe it's unethical, it's also prohibited by the Code of Ethics. I would also not want another agent to try to do it to me, so I tend to practice the Golden Rule in life. But ...
You know how sometimes you think that things just can't get any worse and then suddenly they do? You'd think a rational person would stop thinking that way, but no, we are generally more optimistic than that, especially if we are a Sacramento real estate agent who works with short sales in any ki...
Ever since I got the iPhone, and rarely turn it off because I need to charge it every night, I don't always remember to turn off the mute in the morning. I don't notice it because I wear a Bluetooth, so when agents call me, I immediately answer the call by pressing my Bluetooth device. I might ne...
I'll tell you what's wrong with some of today's Sacramento home buyers because their agents surely won't. It's not that buyer's agents don't want to tell them, it's that they feel it's pretty much useless to voice their opinion or share their professional advice because many home buyers aren't li...
I often tell my sellers that regardless of how poorly an offer is written, no matter how low the offered sales price and no matter what preconceived ideas they might have about the buyers based on the way the offer was presented or certain elements of the purchase offer, the seller should always ...
There is something about vintage homes in Sacramento such as this Randy Parks home that make us fall in love with these homes. Part of it is probably a recollection of our own childhoods, but for those of us who weren't born yet, it brings the past to us like a warm cup of chocolate milk on a col...
Here's an interesting twist for you to contemplate in light of the FCC Robocall new rules, and maybe just in general. How many parties to a real estate transaction have the right to solicit and spam the other parties? What constitutes a working business relationship? A mortgage broker tried to cl...
A buyer emailed a few days ago to ask about buying a million-dollar home in the Poverty Ridge neighborhood in Sacramento. However, this particular buyer already had chosen a real estate agent, and this listing was not my listing. It might seem like I list every home in Sacramento, but I can assur...
By the time I get home from attending two or more listing appointments in any day, like yesterday, I often feel a little bit relieved that I can now relax. I am so focused when I'm with clients, that I don't pay a lot of attention to anything else. Us workaholics are like that, I think. We become...
When I look at a home warranty plan and whether it's worth it to renew, I also consider what's the most expensive thing that could possibly break in my house. How much would it cost to replace, and what is its remaining economic life? What's the risk versus the expense? In my home, probably the m...

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