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Finally, we have landed in a hotel back in civilization again on Marco Island. Although you wouldn't know it from this photo. This is Everglades National Park, which is a moving river. I can't say enough bad things about Miami, though, so I won't. Besides, it's possible that I just had a bad luc...
Palm trees frame the view of Miami Beach from Bayport Park in Miami, which is a perfect introduction to my blog today: Does Work Make You Sick? Here I am goofing around with the fish sculpture that only children 5 to 12 are allowed to touch or play on, reminds my husband. Ship docked at Bayport ...
It seems like everybody in Miami Beach speaks with a Spanish accent, even if they are not Spanish. There is a lot of gold and glitter and 6-inch heels everywhere. My husband says the highest percentage of young teenagers with anorexia probably is found in Miami. Around every corner are signs of ...
I love waking up to the sound of jack hammers in the morning. This is lovely Biscayne Bay in Miami. Adjusting to the 3-hour difference in the time zone is very difficult for me. I'd much rather adjust to the time in Hawaii. Besides, it took us 2 hours and four Hertz clerks to pick up our reserve...
Why do they make plane schedules start at oh-dark-thirty? It doesn't matter where you live, I mean, you could live at the North Pole and they would still make you get on that plane at the ungodly hour of 5 AM. As long as the plane is already here, why can't we just go to the airport at a more rea...
I say this a lot because it is true -- to get a sudden flush of business, all a Sacramento real estate agent has to do is go on vacation. Just got off the phone with a seller who needs to list her home today, so I will do it. Some people take vacations, and they turn off the cell and never look a...
I am amazed that I don't have more Christmas and New Year's cards from mortgage loan officers in Sacramento, but I don't. In fact, regardless of the fact that this Sacramento real estate agent has personally mailed hundreds of holiday cards this year, I have received very few in return. That's be...
I ask where did the images go because more than 2,000 of my blogs are missing photographs. Because the Active Rain blogs are missing photographs, so are my outside blogs. Which looks pretty horrible when a reader from Google clicks on those links and the images have vanished, replaced with broken...
In talking with my sister in Minneapolis about the struggles my college-bound and working 21-year-old niece faces in the business world, I realize how increasingly difficult it is for young people to get a job today. It seems to be getting only worse. The kids can't graduate from college in a nor...
Most of the time, if I suggest to a seller that she can stay current on her mortgage payments and get her short sale approved, I am right. But I am not privy to specific investor guidelines, and it's possible that a seller might not be the round peg that fits into a round hole. However, if I feel...

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