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Sometimes, the only thing you can do to keep calmness in the house is to let a kitten crawl inside your robe and curl up wherever she feels fit to do so. Otherwise, I would get little blogging done in the mornings. Tessa hasn't seen me all night, and while she is free to sleep in the bed, I think...
When sellers and buyers call and ask Elizabeth Weintraub to either list or find them a home to buy, they do it basically because they've heard my name before. I enjoy a good reputation in Sacramento. My team produces, and when we say we're going to do a job, well, that's what we get done. I'm wha...
There is an agent on the East Coast who parallels me at times, it's so scary that it can be like looking into a mirror. We are probably polar opposites in so many other things but when it comes to relationships, cats in particular, and real estate, we tend to see things eye-to-eye. I imagine part...
I know the woman is suffering and dying and therefore I shouldn't say anything disrespectful, but when has that stopped me in the past, I ask you? OK, maybe I didn't say anything horrible, but it seems like just mentioning the fact that something was a disappointment is not A-OK in this PC world ...
As a Sacramento real estate agent, I examine my seller disclosures thoroughly, and I hope my sellers do as well. That's because we are required to disclose. Anything that I know about the property, as a listing agent, I am required to disclose to the buyer. That might sound a little counter produ...
I sometimes suspect the world that exists in real estate between Bay Area investors and Sacramento investors is pretty twisted in reality. The types of calls I receive from investors in San Francisco or San Jose are so different from the calls I receive from local investors. For starters, local i...
I sometimes forget when I'm talking with people I pay for services that they might want to hire me for my services. That's not a good thing to forget about when you're in the business of selling and buying real estate in Sacramento. Because almost every person I meet from any walk of life is in s...
I don't know how parents of little tots can put up with hearing the same sappy song that kids play over and over, but living with a new kitten who also enjoys that sort of repetition, I am beginning to understand. We have two toys that twerp and sing. There is no twerking going on, thank goodness...
I'd like to give a shout out to Lori Kim Polk today for her great home staging job at my Sacramento listing in the Med Center. First, the home was occupied by tenants, and it was almost impossible to show. After the tenants moved out, some buyers and their agents were complaining that my photos l...
Sometimes I miss the old day of television, you know, when shows went off the air and came back on in September. Nowadays, we TIVO everything, so I'm lucky if I even know whether the show is on regular broadcast television or cable or if we're watching a BlueRay, because my husband takes care of ...

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