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When a seller's home doesn't immediately sell and, in this Sacramento winter real estate market, it can take longer to find a buyer than it did last spring, sellers get anxious and often look at their agent, as though their agent is withholding that all important code term: motivated seller, from...
I stumbled across a new kind of stupid behavior this morning. I am pretty much used to people stealing my words by copying and pasting them into articles or blogs and, when I find it, I make them remove it. I should probably sue these thieves, and might start doing that as well. There is another ...
It seems that lately a day doesn't go by when I don't see some home buyer in Sacramento asking about a preforeclosure home. They are either looking on some of the popular websites that pick up homes with a Notice of Default recorded or they are reading about foreclosures and think if a foreclosur...
I recall back in 2005 when I told an agent in my office that 100% of my listings had sold that year; I was thrilled. The agent laughed, "Well, that's gonna change next year." And then the market collapsed. But it's simply impossible for an agent to handle a ton of listings and not have a few expi...
I realized in a conversation with another agent a few days ago that some real estate agents don't use SupraWEB to the fullest ability that is provided to them. They make it too hard on themselves to provide buyer feedback to their sellers, so some of them, I imagine, just don't do it. They think ...
Ken Harney of the Washington Post sometimes calls and emails me to discuss short sales, and we were talking last week about the California Mortgage Debt Relief and how it mirrors the federal 2007 Mortgage Debt Forgiveness Relief Act. These are two very important issues for a short sale seller in ...
When dealing with some Sacramento real estate agents, one needs to be careful in emails to make sure the tone is set accordingly. Some of them can get their knickers in a twist. Without going into meaningless details, I encountered a bit of an unexpected struggle with a real estate agent who was ...
I knew better than to stick my toes into the heated waters, but I really could not help myself. All of the discussion on various websites about agent ranking, well, it can rankle some of us for a variety of reasons, and being in the top percent has nothing to do with it. Sure, I rank high now and...
I use a 40-inch flat screen television for my monitor, but it doesn't mean I know any more about technology than your average Joe. It means I want a backup in case my family room TV goes on the blink. We needed to have at least one more TV in the house when our regular TV broke down a few years a...
Some of the emails I get from spammers are quite amusing because it's obvious that English is not the writer's primary language. Today I spotted an email called: Don't be a Doormat and Let Your Door Walk All Over You. But I did open the email from a writer in Portland, Oregon, who said she liked ...

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